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Today, driving to George's preschool, I saw one of the most curious road signs: "Road is closed for salamander migration".

And yes, apparently, it's thing:


Checking in

Oct. 9th, 2016 02:09 pm
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Just in case, you know?

Still there, still ok, even reading occasionally. Just no time or mood for posting. Keep writing stuff in my head that never goes out on screen or paper.

Last day of being thirty-something.
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not unexpected, but unwelcome news about series cancellation. I understand all the reasons I know, but still sad we won't get more. More Peggy, more Jarvis and Ana, more Daniel and Dottie, more Rose and Angie, more Howard Stark and the rest. More mysteries to solve, more SHIELD to organize...

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I haven’t watched Sleepy hollow since it returned from the winter break, but I know for sure I am not going to ever. It’s just… so annoying when the creators have no idea what they made and why it worked.

I loved the first season of it – everyone did. It had amazing cast, and cheerful insanity that was incredible contagious. I could watch the nonsensical premise because of how much fun the characters had with it and with each other, their relationship felt real even if the problems they faced had demons and apocalyptic battles. Of course, the best was watching incredible chemistry between Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, to see their friendship grow, to see their attitudes colliding and ...sniff. Then there was a great story of Abbie Mills and Jenny Mills, and Orlando Jones being awesome and John Cho who brought creepy and pathetic on a new level…

There was too much man-pain of Ichabod, and his witch wife Katrina had nothing to do, and John Noble, why always great and effective and sudden villain, didn’t make sense as a son of the Cranes. But it was easy to believe that those were minor bugs, easy to fix, easy to forgive in the first season when a show is finding its footing. Except it wasn’t bug, it was a feature. And yes, I know that the original show runners left after season one, but while it might contributed to some drop on writing quality, the main problem was that they just wanted to make a different show – from what we saw and loved. They wanted a show about a Rip Van Winkle and his family, and we wanted a show about Abbie and Jenny Mills fighting the forces of evil and their own problems. But we could settle for the show of Abbie Mills and Crane being cute together, Crane being annoyed with the present, Abbie rolling eyes at him with Jenny and Orlando Jones’s chief showing up every now and then.. Alas! We got the ever-growing list of Ichabod’s relations, and the ever-dwindling role of Abbie Mills in the story. Orlando Jones was wasted in the second season, Katrina was wasted (I think I loved one episode with her – the one with evil painting and Michele Trachtenberg), Jenny just went away for no good reason, Abbie had no storyline of her own… And then everything was supposed to be better in season three, but they still were making a series about Ichabod being cool, not about Abbie. And so she sacrificed her life for him twice in the season. ::facepalm::
ok. I guess I just have to pretend there is season one, and two tiny seasons after that. Like three-four episodes each.

Another thing – the original creators were the same as Fringe once – and my annoyance with Fringe was a similar one: I wanted to watch a show about agent Dunham being awesome and they were making a show about father and son Bishops with Olivia Dunham being a colorful love interest for Peter, a stabilizing agent.

Now I need to watch Penny Dreadful and hope they won’t screw up too much.
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keep trying to post, think deep thoughts, but when I open the file to write - nothing comes out. except groan.

my age is catching up with me, I think, and I have no idea what to do about it. I am not ready to be forty. well, sometimes, I am - I wouldn't want to be born later and miss stuff that I lived through. it's just... weird. I am the same that I've always been, more bitter and angry, but the same. and yet - forty? and in ten years I'll be fifty. but the scariest thought is not that I am getting older, is that my parents are...

and on the completely unrelated stuff;

I fell in love with this song

and now I wish I could do a vid about Dottie Underwood with this song. In my head it is hilarious.

Last read book: The long Way to a Small Angry Planet, by Becky Chambers. Awesome. Little bit of Firefly (small tight-knit crew of a small spaceship), little bit of Star Trek (galactic politics, inter-species relationships, regular work), scifi series in a novel form. fascinating, warm, intelligent, comforting, fun.
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She was surrounded by hideous moreen, oil-cloth, punctuality, narrow-mindedness, horsehair, and mahogany.

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

Anne Thackeray Ritchie
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or venting it, to be exact.

So, I have an Amazon Prime subscription, and often I choose "slow delivery" to get a $1 bonus for my kindle purchases. And then I decide to use my bonuses and buy something and expect to pay a substantially reduced price... Except it won't get reduced, because it is not sold by Amazon! ::grumble, grumble::
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It is a public service announcement of sort. I loved the book, and think you will love it, too. It has a strange new world, science, magic, law, bureaucracy, international intrigue, great characters, awesome heroine, pretty sea captain, sailing under sails, weird stuff, lot of women in positions of power and not, swordfight, glowintg moths and many more. And then read the sequel, A Daughter of No Nation, and then, while you waiting for more, the short stories:

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Our garden is pretty, our shovels are tired...

Read more... )


Jan. 23rd, 2016 02:49 pm
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oh, well.

I like the snowness of today. quiet, clean, not very cold, fluffy.

will turn the music on and shovel

don't have to run anywhere
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One of the highlights of the holiday season that's almost past me (believe me, it's still going!) was me, alone, going to see the new Star Wars. I am not sure what delighted me more – being alone for three hours or the movie itself, but I came back very happy. I have some questions, and not altogether happy with some decisions, but overall - I got what I wanted from it. Interesting new characters, great old characters, some laughs, some tears, and the desire to buy a DVD and watch it again. I am not worry about the next part – what if it is worse?

Instead of spoiler review I'll tell you my first Star wars experience. It happened in 1989 or 1990, when our closest movie theater suddenly started showing it – The New Hope only. I think we might have had some vague notion about the movie, but I am not sure. So yes, I watched it, utterly unspoiled, with my friends, and “walking carpet” became our favorite insult for months. The next time I watched The New Hope on TV. Some channel was showing it for five-ten minutes at a time at the end of their program for teenagers. The program was fun, and watching random pieces of Star Wars after if was fun yet weird experience. I haven't seen the rest of the original trilogy until much later, after I was spoiled for all the Luke's relatives. ;)
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let it be happy for all of you


Dec. 24th, 2015 08:13 pm
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Merry Christmas to all my friends that celebrate tonight!

we are doing nothing. It's very relaxing. ;)
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You know how Star wars are everywhere and on everything these days? I tried to find some t-shirt for myself with cute star wars pictures - nope. Just bejeweled Darth Vader. None for girls, too that I could see. I mean, I probably could find some geek artisan stuff, but that's not the point, right? it's as if somebody doesn't want women to see the new movie...
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I've finished The Golem and The Jinni by Helene Wecker.


And what a pleasure it was! I wanted to read it for some time, and finally I swallowed in three days - rare speed for me now. It started slow, deliberately so, and I enjoyed walking the street of 1899 New York, baking with Chava the Golem, and working in the tinsmith shop, and getting to know all kinds of people... and them following crazy walks of the golem and the ginni and all their talks and arguments... all was good.
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Not sure what I am doing anymore.

Reading now: Golem and Jinni. Very quiet, curious and touching book.

Watching: Going Postal (Well, I watched it already, it's short for miniseries. How two episodes are miniseries?) But it was great fun, and I wished they did more Diskworld movies... Best part - Sir Terry Pratchett had a time part in it, as a postman, and he did a foreword about how much fun he had making this movie.
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1) finished reading "Shepherds Crown", the last ever book by Terry Pratchett. I did feel like reading a will, a bit and was sad and light.

2) watched Going Postal and was delighted. And then cried watching Sir Terry Pratchett doing the introduction and talking about how much fun he had making this movie and playing a tiny part of a postman.

3) on the other hand, I still have a lot of Diskworld books still unread.

4) Can't bring myself to watch Once Upon a Time any more. Dark Swan storyline doesn't interest me at all.

5) reading Emily of New Moon now and loving it so much more than Anne of Green Gables.

6) Sleepy Hollow is okay, but not such a pure delight it used to be in the beginning
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So. I finished Ancillary Mercy (By Ann Leckie) , and it was very good. I mean I feel all warm and fuzzy and want to hug the book and keep it close by always. I guess I want an entire novel full of sentient ships and weird alien being drinking tea (and/or fish sauce), playing board games and being snarky. Intergalactic politics, crazy desperate plans, what makes one a person, all kinds of sentience – possible and not, imperialism and people, and the glorious feeling of infinity of mind – and infinity of mind-boggling stuff.

Not much of a review, just sharing of joy. ;)
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it's getting weirder and weirder to post here on LJ. I read my friends' list everyother day, and comment occasionally, but then I click on “post something new” and freeze. It's not helping that I cannot concentrate when I am at the computer – so many things to do – my mind frazzles. I mean, I don't post in any of my blogs, the only thing I am somewhat active is facebook, which I use as Twitter and Instagram, for snippets and pictures. Without posting in actual Twitter or Instagram.

My time is all taken with kids, and household, and worries about all kinds of stuff. I do read and occasionally watch something, but it always feels that I don't have anything particularly interesting to say.

Daniel is in the third grade now, reads a lot, in Russian and English, plays chess, just started being in a swim team (not a very good swimmer, really). He sweet and kind, and occasionally very anoying. Doing homework is torture for everyone involved, but I think that what most kids are with their homework.

George is 19 months, and he is extemely adorable.

Still, motherhood is the most terrifying occupation ever. I am like a sapper, leading kids through a minefield that never ends.

Best thing watched recently

Ant-Man. It was fun, and I was out with my husband alone first time since George was born. I read all the criticisms, and they are valid, but the movie was fun, it had Paul Rudd in it, and Evangeline Lilly was awesome, and I am easy that way.

Best things read:

Ann Leckie. Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword. Now on pins and needles for the Ancillary Mercy coming out just in time for my birthday.

Reading now:

A Shepherd's Crown. Last book ever by Terry Pratchett /sobs

Also found some cool new Russian writers, among them Alisa Ganieva. Her debut novel was recently translated into English http://www.amazon.com/Mountain-Wall-Alisa-Ganieva/dp/1941920152/, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to you. She is from Dagestan, a small republic in the Causaian mountains, mostly Muslim, mostly traditional, very complicated in its ethnical and lingustic makeup, a place that comes alive in this distopian story.


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