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This is the story I've been writing for the Tales of the Slayers ficathon. Today is the posting day, but I am still writing the end, so behold: my very own work in progress!
The first part is ready, so here it is.

The Curiosities of Northern Palmyra. Part I )
Constructive feedback is very welcome. I wanted to make footnotes and the pronunciation guide for the proper names, please tell if you want them.
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I am writing the story for my Tales of the Slayer ficathon assignment. And it’s killing me! It exists nicely in my head, I walk the street with perfect dialogues going on in my brains, cool phrases and so on. Then I am sitting here, fingers on the keyboard – and the words don’t want to come outside.
I also feel that I will write a post with historical and geographical footnotes and illustrations afterwards. Or should I add the illustrations in the text?

I probably should put all that energy into something useful.
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The previous part is here.

Starting after Selfless

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This thing was kicking my ass terribly. I planned to write an essay, but it turned into something else, and I have no idea by now how much sense it has.

I was too feverishly bound to finish it today, but it is getting too long, and I decided to post it now. I will post the end tomorrow. But could you please read it and tell me if it worth more time?

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I tried to write some other stuff, but found myself thinking of Anya, and – this thing got written. It is the first half, and the second will follow shortly, and I have no idea what it is – some kind of a character study.

The puzzle of being a human. Anya )


May. 16th, 2004 02:35 pm
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As seen in [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa's LJ:

"I'd like anyone and everyone who reads this to post in here something they would LIKE to do with me SOMEDAY.

Then post this in your journal to find out what I want to do with you."

Also I am trying to write a poem about flowers. It turns into a tale of woe about how life sucks when I get cold sore and in general.
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Was very tiresome.

But now we have got it. Shall I go and comment on everything I missed in last two weeks? Probably. The idea behind getting DSL was to use it for the benefit of humankind, and not for sheer entertainment. Hence I have to make sure that the humankind will benefit from this activity of mine.

But what have I accomplished in the last week?

I’ve written a poem. I don’t write as much as before, and every time I am actually happy with the end result, it is a major event of my inner life. So, this time I am more or less happy. I probably will revise it, of course, but for now I am content. It’s been a habit of mine to write a poem while thinking about writing a story. A poem is short, and I don’t have to worry about detailed plot and multiple characters. Hence lots of thought out but still not written stories.

I was thinking – to post or not it here, then decided that LJ is perfectly suited for such thing as indulging oneself in illusion of one’s wonderful literary talent. Besides, not many people around here can prove otherwise since it is in Russian.

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My husband sent me this quote. Isn't he thoughtful?

I finally sent an application to U of T! Month later than I planned initially, but still hadn't missed the deadline. Yay! My misterious wish to be a luminary in jurisprudence might actually come true. Now I have to wish it really badly. Which I do. Oh, and send one to York, too, but this will be tomorrow.
After February 1 I will be obsessing with Crete-Mycenean civilization (which is fun) and job-hnting (which is not).

I was thinking about doing BBC book meme, but then decided that it is pointless. So, not doing it. Here!

Do you know that Canadian beaver is heading for the world domination? Ask me how.
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I haven't seen LJ for two days, and now I feel terribly lost. How do people manage huge friends' lists? I have no idea how to write all those comments I want to post, I mean with my Internet schedule, my typing speed, and the fact that I have to have an actual thought to comment, and not just "Wow!", all my comments seem terribly outdated even before I post them. Besides, silly me has just found out that I cannot edit comments. Oh horror! My mistakes and typos are going to live forever!

On Friday we've seen Addams Family Values in n-th time, but after a long break. It is a delightful movie, that I can watch, and watch, and watch - Morticia and Gomez are dancing tango, Wednesday as Pocahontas, torture by Disney... But you, this time it was all about Harmony. :) I mean, Mercedes MacNab's character has some other name - but she is so Harmony!
The whole new perspective and lots of giggles. And did I tell how much I love Wednesday? The way she is trying to smile? Bwahaha!

I am busy with stuff, and you know? The story settled in my head and demand to write it! Very disturbing. Moreover, it is set 1500 BC or something, in Greece. So, I gave up and brought a big pile of books from the library. Now, I am trying not to write it until the important stuff is done.


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