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Saw in a shop window in our cute little town:

Was fascinated.
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I've been thinking about comics with vague curiosity on and off. I cannot accept them as canon, but I am glad that people are enjoying it and arguing and even that steam on occasion blows off. Fandom is alive and well, no matter how many of old guard drifted off.

The question is: with so-called Season 8 moving to its conclusion, what can be done with the season 9 to make it fresh and trendy and attracting new fans?

when I considered the modern trends, the answer became clear:

It must be a 3-D movie starring Betty White as Buffy Summers!
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I've noticed a tendency throughout my flist in these last months: we comment less. I comment less, you comment less, everybody comment less. I read (well, skim) my f-list almost every day, but too often I have nothing to add or just don't have time to write anything meaningful. I assume everybody else is plagued with the same lack of time. or a different lack of time. another reason is of course, that our interests diverge more and more - I cannot find time to watch much of the often-discussed movies and TV, many of you are hardly interested in small children (but they are very funny to look at!) we converge in the universal topics like weather (do YOU have as much snow as we?), health or politics (Russian, Canadian or USA - take your pick). So our entries look like monologues instead of heated or relaxed conversations of the bygone days. Or is it an illusion? I should go back in time and check, though it won't be telling - I never posted as much as I thought of posting. maybe it just seemed that way because we all discussed the shared interests more. Monologues or not, I love reading my friends and see what is going on in your life or just what do you read or watch nowadays. I love my friends (YOU), and I miss them when they disappear from LJ-world.

So, there: even if I do not comment, I am here, I read and I care.

but occasionally I feel like I am twelve and I really want to get comments. ;)
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I've got my spam from Dadaism Parishioner today. Hmmm, are there any dadaism parishes over there? anyone knows? anyone lives there and can tell?

Anyway, husband is away in Montreal, and I am all by myself, feeling very good.
- reading Vernon Vinge
- drinking red wine
- killing Horde (World of Warcraft thingy)
- watching young Peter O'Toole on DVD

Friday evening is a good thing to have. ;)
And by the time I start missing husband, he'll be back, and we'll do all those things together (except for O'Toole watching).
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Since I read a book on entertaining physics for children 18 of so years ago, I've been dreaning on building an igloo house. Really, it looks so cool (and warm inside) and easy, but when I have time and company, I don't have the right kind of snow, and when... I'll buid it some day.

Could you remimd my about that 27 January day? Because I will forget, even if I right it down.

Do you know why there are no books here by Astrid Lindgren apart from Pippi books? I looked in several bookstores (not of the same chain, I mean), and Alas! Kind of sad.

But I found Tove Jansson moomin-books, which is good.

What else random thing should I tell? I like British TV series. Some of those I have watched, I mean.
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First of all, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] molly_may! You are altogether lovely and mightily smart, but beyond that you are forever in my heart as my first LJ friend ever!


Second, I proudly present my new personal icon made by incredible [livejournal.com profile] awmp. It is absolutely what I wanted, and it made me think why I wanted it so much:

Obviously, I have a kink. The kink is the high-sea adventures: pirates, explorers, travellers and people who accidentally got caught in the adventures.

One of the first exposures was a wonderful book by Georges Blond, La grande adventure des oceans – obviously, in Russian translation (btw, how come there is no an English one?)

It was a lush and beautiful book about pirates of the Caribbean, the real ones, and it was both romantic and realistic, with unpleasant and weird details, and I was captivated. Not so much as to seek more of that, but enough to get a taste.

Then there was a book about famous explorers – James Cook and others.

Then the was Tim Powers, On Stranger Tides – which is definitely change of direction and another fantasy, Chase the Morning by Michael Scott Rohan that I rarely see mentioned (not at all), but I liked it for the atmosphere, and the idea that is at the base of it – that at the edges of our world exist everything else, and you can find it by turning another street, and that ships are sailing into the sky to go to strange places where time and space bleed together.


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