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I can't properly manage everything I ever had accounts for, and yet I keep getting into the new stuff.

On one hand, I started using my Facebook account more, because a lot of my friends are there regularly, and I love keeping in touch with them if only through liking pictures of their kids. How come so many of my friends are so far away? And I am so painfully bad at making new ones...

On the other hand, I was pressured into joining Google+, so if you want to bear my company there (or anywhere else), tell me!

Got myself Tumblr and Pinterest, (am avrelia there, too), and I even had an idea why I wanted to have them, but now I feel lost and unsure what to do with them and when.

I love Goodreads, but rarely go there.

Twitter gets mostly my gardening updates. They are very exciting. (My cherry tomatoes are awesome! My beefsteak tomatoes are not.)

and we are not yet counting all the Russian stuff...

in other news, I am now taking Fantasy and Science Fiction course at coursera.org, even though I have too many books to read RIGHT NOW as it is. but I want to have to write essays about fun stuff... next up: dismemberment in Grimms' fairytales and its educational value.


Jan. 27th, 2012 10:09 am
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1) I am well willing to watch through ads on Hulu in the name of free legal TV. But, honestly, Scientology commercial? What's up with that? I felt literally sick. Wrong on so many levels... What's next, best brands of heroin ads?

2) Just realized that in Canada I paid twice the tax rate of Mitt Romney, while earning less in a year than he makes in a day without really working. ::is sad::
I don't begrudge him his earnings, or the low tax rate, just his insistence that everyone else should pay more while he should pay less.

3) I've got a letter from Google explaining their new Privacy Policy: ALL YOUR BASE IS BELONGS TO US. Well, not really, but I highly dislike that their aggregating all my information, even if their are not planning to share or sell it. I am already uncomfortable that they are saving it somewhere. And I don't want the personalized search results, either.
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Today's reading of io9 brought several awesome artwork links that I have to share:

Guess your pop culture heroes by their paper cut silhouettes here: Paper cuts by Olly Moss

Fantastic landscapes by Inga Nielsen

And finally, Firefly crew as Muppets and as Rescue Rangers.


Apr. 7th, 2011 03:18 pm
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I Am not sure whether you still need it - most people I know either have it, or don't want it, but I have a lot of Dreamwidth invite codes to share. Even if you don't plan on moving there, there is a function to back up all your LJ entries on Dreamwidth.


If you grab a code, go there and create the account: https://www.dreamwidth.org/create
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but there are things that annoy me to no end. Maybe it is a cautionary tale about dangers of random browsing of the Internets: don't stray from the path, there might be idiots...

I went to Alternative history forums (alternativehistory.com, I believe - don't want to dig up a link) following a link to some maps of zombie apocalypse. I have nothing against a good zombie apocalypse, as long as it doesn't really happen of course.

After seeing rather inventive maps I wanted to see what else is there, and of course, posts with words "Russian" in the name do tend attract my attention. So I clicked.

People in that particular post discussed an amusing hypothesis: what if in 2012 all ethnic Russians all die?

Is it weird that I am having serious problems with this idea? I kind of want to wash it off my brain, but maybe I am overly sensitive, and amusing possibility of disappearance of nations and ethnicities is a fun intellectual pastime? Or I shouldn't judge people, because they don't mean it seriously? Or who would miss Russians anyway, they are all evil?

I am a boring stuck up with no sense fun...
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I occasionally look through LifeHacker striving to improve my productivity. It leads to more waste of time, but for a good cause.

But this day I had a blast from a past with this, rather useful advice: How to re-purpose old pantyhose. The very same advices I used to see in the old women's magazines I read in Soviet Union during perestroyka. We didn't have an overabundance of stuff in the stores then, so we usually did everything out of everything else, didn't throw away packaging, old pantyhose, and newspapers and re-purposed anything that could be re-purposed. And yes, we did keep onions in pantyhose.

So yeah.. it gives me a certain perspective on life in USA

They also advise to make Sbiten. I concur. It is supposed to be good. ;)
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I love reading http://jezebel.com/. They find the best stuff.

This is my favourite find of the day:


I am all weirded out by the thought process of birthers.
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Jezebel.com does the series of posts about the 80s romance heroes, trying to find the absolutely worst of them. Good, clean fun. Eye-rolling horribleness

Contestant # 1

Contestant # 2

Contestant # 3
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I've come to the conclusion that I might want to use one of the book-themed social sites to organize my library and post and read reviews maybe.

So far I understand that I have to choose between goodreads and Shelfari. I know some of you use one or the other, or maybe both. Do you have any preferences? Which would you recommend? Pro et contra?

I know Library Thing is supposed to be good, but I don't feel like paying for the service at the moment. One problem that I have is that half of my library is in Russian, and none of these sites seem to be able to help with organizing books in Russian. Of course, there are Russian analogues, but they cannot help me with English library...

and I seem to be drowning in Web 2.0, but that is completely different problem...


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