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Yesterday we went for a fishing trip to the Rice lake. P and the friends cought some kind of small fish, and generally had a jolly good time with it.

The weather was nice - short rain stopped before it started (almost), sun was shining merrily, the wind was warm and pleasant, and the grass was green and soft. I didn't care about fishing and didn't bother myself with it. Instead, I had a jolly good time of my own, walking around, taking pictures, and then sitting (or lying) under the huge tree nearby with Jerome's Tree men in a boat. This book is incredibly suited for such kind of reading - no matter how many times one reads it, it is always fresh: the adventures of J, George, and Harris (to say nothing of Monmorency) never fail to amuse, the diagnoses "A strong disinclination to work of any kind" always elicits my deepest sympathy, and the Irish stew never feels right without arat in it. But the sound of lapping water and the scent of grass give it a perfect stereoscopic effect, so if I close my eyes I may imagine their boat passing by...

The beginning of September is a beautiful time - the very border between summer and autumn, the weather is still warm enough, and leaves are green, but there is an unmistalable feel of autumn in the deep colours, and the light that everything seems incredibly, stunnungly beautiful.

Here are the pictures.

ETA: Happy (yesterday's) Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] lillianmorgan! Best wishes, hugs, and dancing puppies!
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Couple of days ago we got to “Gender Bender” in our re-watch of the season 1 of X-files. The action there (and our favorite FBA agents) goes to Steveston, Some State. Only it was not in Some state, it was in Steveston that is in Richmond, BC. I mean, I know that X-files were shot in Vancouver, so it was natural to expect to see it there, it just I haven’t caught any sights as familiar as that one on X-files before.

Which brings me to the promised nostalgia picspam.

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The view from the window at work. The pictures are taken in October, now it is all bare and grey.

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And this is from my window (early one morning...)

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Here is the end of Toronto Autumn picspam. Next week tune in for Vancouver Nostalgia picspam. Because I miss shopping in Richmond. Two malls in walking distance! How I didn't appreciate it enough.

In other news, I have a lot of chocolate: got a package from Moscow.
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Do you know what’s up with Italian wines in Toronto?

I bought already the fourth bottle of wine that is really cheap (around $7 Can., where the average would be $15), and it is good. Why don’t people buy it all the time? Of course, my understanding of a good wine is pretty much “it doesn’t suck”, but, well if it leads me to enjoy $7 wine, there is nothing wrong about this understanding.

Also I have a dream that I don’t have to go to work today. But then I woke up, and I do. Right now.

But you can look at pictures while I am working:

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I decided that I need to post some pictures I've made in the last month - mostly just Toronto here and there.

The first bunch would be from our trip to Toronto Islands on October 9th.

Here they are:

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To add something to say, I am reading now The Time Traveler's Wife, and the only qualm I have about it is that it is too heavy and inconvenient to take with me everywhere.

I also don't like much my College English class, because I have to write essays there - and not just essays, but rigidly structured essays on silly topics. I found myself incapable of constucting a proper thesis statement.

I also found that I am leaving my work every day thinking: "One more day that I wasn't fired." So much for happy squee. /sigh

Puppy Spam

Oct. 8th, 2004 09:41 pm
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My friend sent me some spam, and I’d love to share it with you.

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I decided to post the last bunch of pictures, and then the last part of the story. And then I move to something else and it would be cool. Because I have plans.

Last days I was busy with thinking. About my life in the future. I have no idea what I shold be in ten years. Beside the world-famous writer, of course. But I need a plan. A good executable plan for my life in the next several years.
::burst into song::
Oh, well. Enjoy the streets of Moscow

The note about Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad'): The word "krasny" that now means "red" had the meaning "beautiful" when the square was named. So, actually, it is Beautiful Square.

password: avrelia_f

Please, view the oldest first.


ETA February 16, 2005: as I added this entry to memories, here are the links to the other pictures from Moscow:





password is the same, and please, view the oldest first.
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I am back here. I still live by some other time, and woke up at 6 – which is unnatural for me, but lucky, otherwise I would be woken up by the vigorous digging works in the street an hour later. I am not yet connected to life around here, I look with the horror at my flist thinking “Who are those people, and why are they writing all this?” I put my stuff to its places, sadly noting all things I’ve brought across the globe for no good reason and all things I needed but haven’t brought. I think I need one more coffee.

The visit was wonderful, and I definitely tell you all the fun stuff, and show the pictures – whether you want it or not. But right now I feel floating over reality, not connected to anything other then chocolate candies.

I smuggled some food to Canada. I hope they don’t mind – we are going to eat all the good stuff by ourselves and will not endanger either public health or Canadian economy. Their loss, anyway – the sausages are delicious. The flights were fine. The plane on my way back was half empty – first I cheered, then I remembered that statistics tells that planes that crushed are going half empty, then I figured I could do nothing about it, cheered up again and settled with (relative) comfort on two seats. The plane didn’t crush. I was slightly worried about all questionable stuff I was taking with me (food), but I wisely let my mom pack my bags, so I could honestly say that I had no idea about their content. In reality when I was asked if I have anything to eat with me, I honestly told about chocolate and went away.

And now for your entertainment – two pictures.

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