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Here is that post credit scene:


Which is awesome in its own right, and then I thought - what does it remind me? oh, yes, this scene:

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another picture I love: Read more... )
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I love autumn. Not only the bright and sunny early days, not only only insanely colorful middle, but also grey and wet and quiet days of late autumn. Most of the leaves are on the ground, but there are splashes of dark red and golden brown, and the air is fresh and clear, even as the sky is low and cloudy.

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Happy (belated) birthday to [profile] superplin!

I remember writing here back in July that D and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and that D behaved reasonably well, and what he remembered long after the visit were knights on horses and giant Greek pots. So the next weekend P went to the Met, saw the knights and brought one home. Well, not that one. Just a tiny knight on a horse. And here is the story of many pictures )
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I will write some more, but for now decided to collect some pictures in a web album to show everyone at once.

The captions are in English and Russian, but they are not translations of each other.
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My Buffy rewatch doesn't work because of the total absence of time for it. When I do occasionally have some, I watch a random episode just to remind myself again how much I love it. The random episode I watched last week was Smashed, and I enjoyed it a lot.

In case you don't know - or forgot - what it is about, I uploaded some screencaps:

The story starts when Buffy expresses her wish to have a pony to random people.more about ponies )


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