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I am in Moscow now, for a week on a short vacation from my life. All by myself, having left baby and husband in each others' care. It is probably my las solitary travel in the foreseeable future and it felt nice and familiar way to travel, though I can't say I travelled a lot, unfortunately, in the last years. With the Witercon 2006 being the highest point. I do need to take that survey you've been linking to...

So far I am very well, enjoying being by myself with my parents and friends and missing my baby much less than I thought I would. Lots and lots of sleep - I never thought one could have such a good sleep on a plane, people! best sleep in months! on the minus side - lots and lots of milk expression...

and finally time and mood to write something here. Moscow is changing, and isn't at the same time. New houses, old prejudices, as always... I find myself getting into the Moscow life quite easily, though there are enough things I am not used to anymore.
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I decided to post the last bunch of pictures, and then the last part of the story. And then I move to something else and it would be cool. Because I have plans.

Last days I was busy with thinking. About my life in the future. I have no idea what I shold be in ten years. Beside the world-famous writer, of course. But I need a plan. A good executable plan for my life in the next several years.
::burst into song::
Oh, well. Enjoy the streets of Moscow

The note about Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad'): The word "krasny" that now means "red" had the meaning "beautiful" when the square was named. So, actually, it is Beautiful Square.

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ETA February 16, 2005: as I added this entry to memories, here are the links to the other pictures from Moscow:





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I felt very weird yesterday - without any good reason. Does anybody need to know tis? No? I thought so. But Tuesday was wonderful. I met [livejournal.com profile] jonesiexxx for a coffee! Turned out we both exist, none of us just a text on a computer screen, none of us a thirteen boy with machete, and we had a great time (at least, speaking for myself ;-))

After that I went to watch Harry Potter. Read more... )

Now, about Moscow, or, more accurately, about

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As the title suggest, the second part of the notes on my visit to Moscow.

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I haven't written much of what I was planning to write. We've had a major computer overhaul - again (still with Linux). I am still feeling extra-cautious about settling with comfort with my archive and stuff - is it permanent?
Anyway, the last days were busy on the other reason - I've got a job intervieeew - out of the blue, really (I sent my resume there months ago, they called on Monday, invited me for interview yesterday, and promised to give the answer today. It seemed so surreal that I began to hope that I will be hired, but no, I am not, and the life is back to its sensible, self, and I am still unemployed. But, at the very least it dragged me out of the stupor I was in recently. Plus, one more interview - even failed - not bad. How do people get their jobs?

And, finally, the long ago promised the story of my vacation in Moscow:

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Yep, that's me – as of now. I have no recollections of what I was going to do when return from Moscow, I have no idea what to do next, and then after it. Moscow seems unnaturally close every time I return to Canada from Russia. Although I forgot to buy some stuff I wanted to, didn't manage to go to some places I planned, and have no idea when I will be able to accomplish all this.

Internet wasn't accessible at my parents' home – due to decrepit communication lines – which was a pity as I had many beuatiful thoughts in this two weeks, and I am not sure I will remember any of them now. Of course, I could have just written them down, but no, we, the real heroes are not looking for the easy ways, we are looking for the most difficult, roundabout ones...

To my after-travelling confusion I added the weird feeling of being totally brainwashed by MS Windows. My husband changed our computer to Linux, and I feel very lost with all the different stuff. It is not worse, it is just different, I look at it and mourn my comfortable Windows corner – with pretty things, with Adobe Photoshop that I still have hope to learn, with its sense of normality... Brainwashed, I am.

And how can I edit pictures now? How?

Things are not that bad – I still have a lot of chocolate candies and the cranberry liquor, and will survive – definitely. Plus, tomorrow we are going to the birthday party and will have fun.

Speaking of birthdays – happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] _green_ and [livejournal.com profile] janedavitt!!!
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I am back here. I still live by some other time, and woke up at 6 – which is unnatural for me, but lucky, otherwise I would be woken up by the vigorous digging works in the street an hour later. I am not yet connected to life around here, I look with the horror at my flist thinking “Who are those people, and why are they writing all this?” I put my stuff to its places, sadly noting all things I’ve brought across the globe for no good reason and all things I needed but haven’t brought. I think I need one more coffee.

The visit was wonderful, and I definitely tell you all the fun stuff, and show the pictures – whether you want it or not. But right now I feel floating over reality, not connected to anything other then chocolate candies.

I smuggled some food to Canada. I hope they don’t mind – we are going to eat all the good stuff by ourselves and will not endanger either public health or Canadian economy. Their loss, anyway – the sausages are delicious. The flights were fine. The plane on my way back was half empty – first I cheered, then I remembered that statistics tells that planes that crushed are going half empty, then I figured I could do nothing about it, cheered up again and settled with (relative) comfort on two seats. The plane didn’t crush. I was slightly worried about all questionable stuff I was taking with me (food), but I wisely let my mom pack my bags, so I could honestly say that I had no idea about their content. In reality when I was asked if I have anything to eat with me, I honestly told about chocolate and went away.

And now for your entertainment – two pictures.

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