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Disney + African American girl, whose name starts with “T” = Tiana, the heroine of “The princess and the frog”.

Or, you know, Tamara, from Once Upon a Time.

Since there aren't many other African or African American heroines in Disney fairytales, there is a strong desire to equate Tamara and Tiana. They both start with “T”, after all.
Is that plausible? Well, yes. Of course, we know so little about Tamara by now, that she can be anyone, but knowing that OUaT doesn't really have completely random people, well she must have some connection to some of Disney's properties or public domain stories, if not to Henry's ancestors.

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Long time ago [livejournal.com profile] elisi made a post about reasons why Spike stayed in LA and not went to look for Buffy in Europe. I read it, enjoyed, said "I have some thoughts, but I will comment later", and went on to some other stuff.

Here comes later, and my thoughts (random and disjointed) on why Spike stayed in LA (besides obvious meta-reasons) ;)

Also dedicated to Ats5 dvd release. Though I am not going to buy those dvds for a long time to come.

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So, I was reading the interview with Marc Blucas here, and there was this moment:

So they did everything they could for that first half a season I was on to set me up in the right way where I could possibly be accepted, but during that time, it was very much being directed as, “We want you to just be a fly on the wall. Be wallpaper.”

Well, he did a nice wallpaper, I’d say.

They tried so hard to position it right to make Riley accepted, because I don’t know, maybe Brad Pitt could have pulled that out.

Brad Pitt as Riley Finn? I like BP just enough to see interesting possibilities in it. Brad Pitt does have the same flair of “All-American Goodness” in him – as Riley Finn is supposed to. Plus, many entertaining implications on several levels. Buffy/Brad Pitt as the most boring romance ever!

Yesterday I wasted several hours reading Tea at the Ford. Can I love the ladies more than I did before? Sure I can!

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Ok, the Anya’s story is done and I am very proud. It was a joy and a pain to write it - picking up piece by piece from the five years of BtVS, digging up my memories, trying to look up from Anya’s perspective – outside and inside Anya. It brought my some frustrations and some discoveries. I started with the thesis that Anya’s story was an examination of what it is to be a human. This role reminds me slightly of the character of Data form Star Trek: TNG, an outsider, trying to figure out human, only different, because this is Buffyverse we are talking about.

Anya’s life is always on the background – it is more visible when she is with Xander, but other time you have to look for it. Of, course, this is Buffy’s story, not Anya’s, so this is understandable. Anya is one of the reflections of Buffy – trying to set a balance between her demon and human sides. Anya’s story seems to pretty consistent – even it its most frustrating parts. Most of her quirks are not attributed to her demon powers, but to her personality – that stays the same throughout the ages.

I was tired of Anya being presented as an innocent victim if Scoobies abuse. Yes, they weren’t especially nice to her. But were she nice? Let’s not forget that she was a murderous demon, who probably cause more death and destruction than Spike and Angel together – after any vampire can only kill one victim at the time, whereas a vengeance demon don’t have this kind of limitation. A well-developed wish can empty a country.

I think remembering that Anya was a dangerous demon, who for the most of the time didn’t feel bad about causing death to humans for the duration of twelve centuries will do her character, and her development more justice than white-washing.

Now I am going to be frustrated with the weather, volleyball, my ficathon Story (it existed only in my head so far), and the lack of comments.

Did I just say it? Sorry, I am mean.

HAve a great weekend, everybody!!!
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I hoped that after I applied for my graduate studies I would feel free and happy. Nope. I feel sad and directionless instead. I blame the fact that I can't change anything anymore (about applications), that my life next year depends now on some other people.

We tried to watch Super Bowl last Sunday - for the commercials. We managed two hours, trying to figure out what is going on on a field and why they call it football. My husband's theory: players have to get the ball somewhere. My theory: it is all about unappropriate touching. Anyway, we got bored after two hours and watched "The Two Towers" instead.

I kept compairing hobbits to Andrew (hair-wise). Which brings me to this: Yeah, I know it’s been almost a week. Anyway, I haven’t read anything this week but couple of reviews, and I wrote my own, and I post it here, and now I will go backwards, may be even commenting.

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I am supposed to be used to severe winters. So what? It doesn't make walking in –20 C plus chilly wind any more exiting. Well, I do think that winter should be with snow and temperatures below zero, I was missing it in Vancouver. Yet you know: wind sucks. Today is it nice enough actually, but yesterday I was telling myself: "Why did I what winter anyway? Was I out of my mind or what?"

Enough about the weather.

I am crazy re-editing my thesis proposal. Arguing with my husband about choice of words. What was I thinking, hoping to finish everything in December? Plus, I almost forgot about application to York University. I do not want there, not really, but it is supposed to be my back up plan. I am so have to send everything next week. Grrrrr...

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Since it is nice to give people presents, and I have nothing tangible that I don't need myself, I decided to invent some stuff and give it away. :p
So, if you like something: take, have. And have great holidays!

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It is time to make wishes and to seriously expect them to come true. Sometimes they actually do. So, I've made my list. I posted here those concerned AtS.

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If we to study world history in the Buffyverse, we would probably find out that The Great Plague of XIV century was caused by Anyanka – due to her tendency to “embellish” vengeance wishes she granted.
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I am writing my recommendation for the Graduate School (strength – originality; weaknesses – passion for procrastination; how to describe yourself believably as a future academic genius, anyway?), while listening to The Doors .

I like it, but I am not a real fan, and I know almost nothing behind the songs. Why am I writing this? One of the songs, The Crystal Ship eerily reminded me of Drusilla. The melody, the lyrics

Read more... ) – brought her image to my mind. Then weird plot bunnies appeared. Dru does have a taste for poets, right? She’s had something of a “flower child” image; Spike mentioned having been at Woodstock; Jim Morrison died young.

They could have known each other. Very closely. In the world where Spike and Dru actually exist.

Now, as I dumped this “brilliant” idea here, I can go back to serious stuff.

Just got my TOEFL score. I needed 5 for writing, I've got 4.5. I hate 30-minutes essays on the silliest topics ever. Will have to do it again. Shit.
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Waves happily to friends. Thank you, guys!

I guess I am one of the slowest typists ever. Plus I am too self-conscious about words I am using, so it usually takes me forever to write anything. Plus I am easily distracted and have a mess in my brain. Have you ever had these feeling that you have a lot of great intelligent thoughts, but when you are trying to catch any of them and, well, think it, they all skitter away? It is not so much herding cats as herding flies. I am writing my thesis proposal, but people of Buffyverse keep flooding my mind, so I’ve decided to try and post some of this stuff here. It is half-formed, yet I want to rid my brain of it to allow some space for serious thoughts.

This was bugging me for a while last season.

Dawn’s origins )

And now back to thinking about copyright law in my corner.


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