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записала, наконец, бабушкины воспоминания про 22 июня и войну. По памяти, каких-то деталей уже не помню и взять не откуда. Бабушка рассказывала немало, но не рассказывала гораздо больше.

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When was the tagging feature added to LJ? I am going back and tagging my 2004 entries. Blog is a veritable time machine; I felt so strange going back in time and rereading my posts of yore. I used to write much more than I remember - I didn't work and didn't have a baby, and what exactly was I doing then? Except for reading The Internets. I also did a lot of funny and embarrassing mistakes (one is in the title of this post). I think if I reread my recent entries I will find just as many - so I won't be reading them for several years. And so many people in the comments that haven't been seen on LJ for years...

::is nostalgic::
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My husband came from his class one day and announced that he learned cool stuff today:

Before twenty years old we think of ourselves as being older than we are, after twenty we are thinking that we are younger than we are.

Well, duh!

At thirteen I thought of myself an adult, at sixteen I felt I was an old, wise crone.

Now I struggle with the fact that I did grow up, and I should behave like a responsible grown-up I am (on the other hand, if all other adults think the same, who is acting as a grown-ups?)

The husband learned it in connection to marketing strategies, of course: goods meant for sixty year olds are being advertised as for forty years old, and so on.

But thirteen year-old me (as well as my friends) was fun. Climbing the trees was still acceptable pastime in our circle, but jumping through elastic band was out as too childish. Do people outside of Soviet Bloc jump through elastic band? It was fun. Besides climbing the trees we were reading books (rather adult books), having political arguments (perestroika!), and listening to the rock music.


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