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It's been ten years since I discovered LJ, and I have to say that it feels now we are together for good. No, my own lj will celebrate its ten's anniversary in November – you needed to ask for an invite then or to pay for a paid account and I was too shy and too moneyless to do either. Anyway, ten years ago I stumbled upon sockpuppett journals that filled in the blanks between the new BtVS episodes. Just imagine: there were fresh BtVS episodes! They were, at times, hilarious (the best of the best being [personal profile] thefirstevil), and there were some fun discussions in the comments, and from them I started to find various users to read, and eventually found people I admired to friend. The sockpuppet fun lasted, probably, through sweeps, then dissolved into crumbles and dust, but I was left with more than a handful of links to read, and my proper introduction to fandom. Most people from those days I stopped reading a long time ago, or forgotten, but through them I found others and more others.

When I look back at the whole LJ experience – it's a lot of ups and downs, anger annoyance at whoever was ruling the LJ, migrations here and there, and the great sense of community. Time passed, and even the most stubborn moved away from talking about Buffy, even if they didn't move on to new fandoms. Many people left lj whatsoever – and I hope they are okay, I have good memories about them and our fun together, and I miss them, but what I miss the most is a feeling of a busy community. I miss big holiday card exchanges, and Writercons, and huge arguments, and ridiculous fun and BNFs, and regular kerfuffles... Fandoms of these times seem so childish, you know ;)

Over the time there were so many good reasons to quit LJ, but I cannot do it, and I hope, my friends will still be here, too.

and yes, this post is cross-posted with DW. I have many places, but LJ always stays.
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Если кому еще нужно, налетай:






С импортированием всего ЖЖ лучше пока подождать, слишком велика нагрузка, но импорт легкий и безболезненный в обычное время.


Apr. 7th, 2011 03:18 pm
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I Am not sure whether you still need it - most people I know either have it, or don't want it, but I have a lot of Dreamwidth invite codes to share. Even if you don't plan on moving there, there is a function to back up all your LJ entries on Dreamwidth.


If you grab a code, go there and create the account: https://www.dreamwidth.org/create
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I got caught in the newest spam attack. After deleting the third comment with porn in it, I gave up and put the CAPTCHA for non-friends on. Hopefully for a limited time.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
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You know, I need to re-learn to talk to people. Or learn it finally for real. Because I suck at starting conversations with people I don't know. I always has been, and maybe it is as a good time to stop sucking.

Yesterday I went to a Sony Reader Meetup, co-hosted by Sarah Wendell, of the http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/index.php. It was pretty awesome. I've got to see actual people, talk about books and finger shiny red Sony Readers. Now I kind of want one. But they don't support Russian, and cost money, and I don't really need one. Besides, I'd rather have blue one. Still, they are nifty.
D behaved himself, but was bored. I had to use non-pedagogical means of keeping him quiet, because I just that didn't want to leave.
After that I took him upstairs to see Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It is fantastic, but D is too small to get it all. He liked all the touch-screens, we played with robots and such, but most of all he enjoyed chasing the colourful circles on the floor.

And in a subway I saw a mutant rat. Nothing to write home about. Subway mutant rats in Moscow are RED! (not)

At home D invented a game of tennis that is played with a wooden spoon and a beach ball. Wooden spoons are his favourite toys these days. They go with everything.

Re: latest LJ kerfuffle. I think they are stupid, not evil, as usual, and didn't think what they were doing. It doesn't excuse them, of course, but I hope they will clean up the mess eventually. The possibility of joining of one's virtual life in different places isn't bad by itself, for those who want it, but those who want to keep their virtual lives virtual, and separate also shouldn't depend on good will of their reading list to do it.

I keep my LJ separate from anything else, even though I am happy to connect with the same people here and there. I obviously won't be having my comments on LJ showing up anywhere else, and trust you won't as well.

I don't see myself permanently migrating anywhere, though. The community here is too important to me, but I start to ponder cross-posting with Dreamwidth more. I know many of you love it there, but it feels still kind of alien to me. BTW, if someone needs DW codes, I have some.
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When was the tagging feature added to LJ? I am going back and tagging my 2004 entries. Blog is a veritable time machine; I felt so strange going back in time and rereading my posts of yore. I used to write much more than I remember - I didn't work and didn't have a baby, and what exactly was I doing then? Except for reading The Internets. I also did a lot of funny and embarrassing mistakes (one is in the title of this post). I think if I reread my recent entries I will find just as many - so I won't be reading them for several years. And so many people in the comments that haven't been seen on LJ for years...

::is nostalgic::
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Для тех, кто предпочел бы читать меня на русском языке, сообщение:

Я создала себе новый журнал [livejournal.com profile] a_yurievna, где я, собственно и пишу по-русски. Заходите, читайте, пишите. Не знаю как пойдет параллельное писание, но вот захотелось. В этом журнал как-то регулярно переходить на русский не получается. Думаю, впрочем, давать здесь ссылки, если там случится что интересное написать. В общем, добро пожаловать!


Aug. 10th, 2007 12:27 pm
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I have created all kinds of new journals, as everyone else around here.

Me on Greatest Journal

Me on Insane Journal

Me on Journal Fen

All created for the purposes not to lose people who do decide to leave and get my username to myself. I have no intention of posting there - something new or cross posting, but I will eventually go and friend those whom I know. And probably upload some icons.

BTW, anyone know where has the search by username disappeared in LJ? I need it back.
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It seems my recent posts all concern either pregnancy or books - and you might think nothing else happens or interest me. Well, it is almost true.
However, not completely - I also watch movies and follow the kerfuffles here and there.

Well, a week ago, my blogging site devoted to pregnancy and children was hit by a major kerfuffle - probably its first, as the service is rather young (hardly over two years). It felt like a kerfuffle we usually have here ten per summer, but because it was a relatively small community (a babies fandom, I guess), because it was personal and not about fictional worlds and because the emotions of future and new mothers are running high, it was hot there for a time. I felt that nothing is ever new and ran here, back in my familiar fandom haven for some peace and quiet...

Yeah... So much for peace and quiet... I don't have much energy for moral outrage and I am way too cynical to expect anything good from 6A in the matter, but I am deeply sad that lots of people are planning to leave for good. Yes, 6A/LJ screws up and it doesn't care. Which raises some questions - what do they care about? Money, yes, but in what context applicable to LJ? I've read somewhere they are preparing for public offering, but the getting rid of HP porn seems too random an action. They obviously don't need paying members of LJ, as I guess it is not very profitable to rely on them. But what is profitable here? Is it actually possible to make money on LJ? You know, maybe they should cancel all permanent accounts, because those people are not going to pay for it again...

and the same goes for the Cyrillic segment, with its own problems and kerfuffles and the owner that nobody quite sure what they own actually. (Or maybe it's me who doesn't know what exactly SUP owns, because I hardly ever present in Cyrillic segment).

I, however, found this piece of news in Russian source It's in English, and it's about Brad leaving and some hints on general situation at 6A

I do not, however, planning to leave. I stated my reasons after the May crisis and they stays the same. It is a place I've built for myself, and I am not only here for fandom large or small, but for friends in many completely different areas. And if I pay, it will be not for the sake of 6A, but for my own comfort, because though I lived for years on basic account, I don't see why I have to cause myself inconvenience to jab at 6A, when they will hardly ever notice me...
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A nice surprise: I've got $2 from Live Journal (in gift certificate, not cash) for being a Cyrillic user. Hmm. Has it happened to anyone else here? As you probably noticed I don't use Cyrillic that much in my posts, but those sneaky folk had me all figured out.

Thanks, anyway. :)
Now I need to decide how to spend such a windfall.

I saw some movies over the last month, and I didn't tell anything about them here. I find it very strange myself that I had so much to say about Shrek, but nothing about all others.

Here is the short rundown

Pirates of the C. )

Ocean's Thirteen and Fantastic Four - again, I liked them for the entertainment value. And I have no deep thoughts on them whatsoever. Ocean's 13 is good clean overblown fun, and I like the family dynamic in FF - more so than in the first part, and the only question that I ask myself - why exactly is there a US military base in Russia in FF? or - Why it seems perfectly natural to Hollywood that there is a US military base everywhere?
oh, well...

Finally, the TV in Canada started showing Doctor Who (3rd season), and I started watching it. So far I like it, an will continue to watch it. I just hope they finish it by the end of summer - or I'll never know how it ends. ;) I am not yet sufficiently motivated to look in other places - but who knows?
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I had a craving couple of days ago to read some Henry Kuttner. These cravings are powerful, man! I've never felt this way about food.

Anyway, I checked the library catalogue, and there was only first or ancient editions that are not for circulation. :( Then I checked the online bookstores - just to see if there is and recent editions,and there is one, but I have no idea what's inside. For raiding the usedbook store I don't have much energy. So I hit the Internet - Russian online libraries, and of course, it was there (perfectly legal, as it was published before 1973). Pity, only the translations, but I downloaded the stuff, our it into my Palm and ate it up.

alcoholic inventor Gallagher and the Hogbens family were the heroes of our formative years. I wonder why they are not more popular in their home country? I am happily filled with the madcap humour of Henry Kuttner and planning to go read some of Kuttner and C.L. Moore. And then probably go over Robert Sheckley. But it is so weird - I loved them in Russian, and now it is a pain to find the stories I loved in original (part of the problems is that I just have no idea how things are called in original)...

There are no birthdays in my friends list in June. What's up with that? Happy June (kerfuffle-free) to everyone then! and I will have to find a=other things to make me post.


There were several kerfuffles that I missed and one big LJ suckage that was impossible to miss. I kind of don't have much energy to worry much at the moment, and I am probably way too jaded, but I don't believe in much privacy in the Internet in principle (it would be nice, but I don't cherish hope) and in goodwill of corporations. I am glad they were made to realize the screw-up, and I don't doubt they will screw up again. I am not leaving though. I carved up a good little niche for myself here that not that much about fandom anymore (though I consider myself a marginal member of fandom), but about friends here and there - some I met on LJ, some I found after many years through LJ, and some I brought to LJ. I cannot recreate it anywhere else.
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It is not swearing, it is the current weather conditions.

Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] spikewriter!

I am at home and writing and posting in the unseemly hours of afternoon. I will be working again tomorrow, but as of this week I am now on the part-time basis. And I am not upset in the little. Well, I would prefer to get the money I am losing with the loss of two working days, but on the larger picture I am fairly okay with the situation. I am checking the Ontario labour law (again, to be sure about my rights), and I am trying to use productively these days. So far, it is not working very well, but I think I may get to better time managing through careful planning and following it though and kicking my own ass to do stuff in time.

I decided to put my university in the schools feature on my info page. First, I am proud to have studied there. Second, it has a huge list of users, so it doesn’t make my journal easily stalkable. I think. I am not sure I want to put my schools there, but I am checking the users who list them. I wouldn’t mind finding a person I actually knew there.

Off to do something useful!

Will be back soon. ;)
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As seen at [livejournal.com profile] elisi and [livejournal.com profile] automatedalice_

If there is at least one person in your life who you consider a close friend, and who you would not have met without being part of an online fandom, post this sentence in your journal.

Because it is so true.
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My info page tells that I created this journal on October 20. But date doesn’t tell anything, because my first entry was written on November 11, and this is day I consider a true one-year anniversary in this Universe for me.

Of course, it is couple of days past that date, but I am this slow.

Anyway, I am afraid now to look at my first entry, though I remember what it was about. Writing it was a strange thing for me on several levels:
- it was a first real foray in the Internet communications with people whom I don’t know in real life.
- I was pathetically shy
- I was pretty sure my written English sucked, and everyone would point and laugh. To write it Russian didn’t occur to me, because I wanted to be a part of this community, which in the most part don’t speak Russian.

I lurked for a long time – back then to get a LJ one needed a code – or a paid account, and I didn’t know anyone and was too shy to ask.
In summer 2003 the major change came – we moved from Richmond, BC to Toronto, from the comfort of cable Internet at home to the Internet-less existence.
It turned my lurking into a surreal experience. Good thing that I have a library branch two minutes from home. I got braver in the hardship, and when I happened across a codes’ giveaway, I asked for one. And I had a live journal.

Looking back at this year now, I feel that I could have done better: I could have updated several times a day with something witty, I could have created something brilliant, or I could have finished more of things I actually started over this year. I still plan to finish them, of course, but you know...

I did, however, one thing I am genuinely happy about: I created a brilliant friends’ list. Some of you I met in my first lurking days, some of you just recently, and some of you found me first, for what I am grateful.

Some part of my flist became my good friends, and with some I still don’t have much contact. It matters, of course, but I love my flist as it is: people I love to read and talk on a daily basis (sometimes at he expense of things I really should be doing instead).

So my plan for the next year would be pretty much finishing everything I started in the last year, and some more. How’s that?
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I am alive and well.
I love autumn.
I feel slightly guilty when I don’t post often. When did it started?

The only common feature of the people from Latin America that I know, is their annoying (to me) habit of speaking Spanish – apart from those who speaks Portuguese. Couldn’t they speak Russian? Otherwise, their heritage and appearances are as diverse and fascinating as everywhere else (okay, I can speak only for Russia and Canada.

I am taking courses in the George Brown College. Mostly English. Surprisingly, larger parts of both classes (College English and Grammar and Punctuation I ) are Canadians – with English as their first language. It’s gratifying, you know. ;)

Another thing: getting deep into studying English again made me appreciate Russian language. I don’t mean that it is better or easier than English, but going back to those building blocks that constitute any language reminded me how much I love the Russian. ::cuddles Russian language::

I was busy. With stuff. In the mean time I collected I number of posts I wanted to read and/or comment on. Only I don’t remember where are they. I am also trying to do something about writing feedback to you. (I mean a lot of people on my flist at beyond.) Being and amazing procrastinator sometimes I just want to write a blanket feedback:

Dear you! And you, and you, and you!

I’ve read and enjoyed your fic (two, three, all of them) Thank you.

Only it would be odd. Besides, the fun thing about feedback is to write something special and thoughtful. That’s where I mostly suck.

But, honestly, if you read this? I love what you write. Thank you.
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I spent this week generally feeling tired or running like crazy around Toronto, looking for a job. The job keeps hiding from me. I decided to try and apply for a job in a bookstore, and went through most of the Chapters/Indigo/Coles in Toronto trying to engage in a meaningful conversation with managers about Life, The Universe, and my possible employment. Most of the times I actually managed to do it. That’s not to say I’ve got a job as a result. I guess, my complete lack of retail experience is a hindrance here. But may be it will still work out – some of the stores will be hiring in a month, and I told that I will remind about myself at the time.

But what do I do next?

Anyway, by this afternoon I felt very dead and had a headache. Slept couple of hours, got up without waking up and tried to write a cover letter for a position I really like. Do you want to know my painful secret? I suck at writing cover letters. Really bad. They turn out too clichéd, trite, and formal, or flippant and silly. No wonder I am unemployed – I cannot convince anyone to hire me. With all the useful job-searching stuff I forgot about writing. I have to write how many things? A lot. A while ago I finished a short story I was writing since May. Sent it to some friends for reviews and beta-editing. Some are still replying, but I already know what has to be changed – and am I editing it? Nope. Btw, it is in Russian, so I can seriously offer it to read only to a very small part of my flist.

Writing stories are so much more pleasurable activity than writing cover letters, yet I spent more time with the latter. ::sigh::

Apparently trying to catch up all Writercon reports is positively impossible, as well as commenting on all of those that I did catch up. Generally, I’ve got an impression of a happy blur with some minor annoyances.
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I felt very weird yesterday - without any good reason. Does anybody need to know tis? No? I thought so. But Tuesday was wonderful. I met [livejournal.com profile] jonesiexxx for a coffee! Turned out we both exist, none of us just a text on a computer screen, none of us a thirteen boy with machete, and we had a great time (at least, speaking for myself ;-))

After that I went to watch Harry Potter. Read more... )

Now, about Moscow, or, more accurately, about

Importance of learning Sumerian )


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