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To those who celebrate it tonight I wish the merriest Christmas!

And I present you with a hand-made snowman!!!

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1) time
2) private teleporting device
3) lots and lots of will power
4) happiness for everyone who needs it
5) more common sense
6) friends - seeing or talking to them more often (yes, I mean YOU)
7) Going to Writercon
8) lots of international travel
9) new default icon
10) new layout ( I have to find something I like or at least or decide what I like)
11) all things in their places
12) Bones 3 season (I know many of you don't like, but I am yet to see any of it)
13) other cool TV and time to watch it
14) write more
15) finish stories I write
16) write in English without grammar mistakes
17) Dollhouse to have a good run
18) saner politics
19) health to my family and everyone else

If I think of something else, I'll edit it. I want more stuff, but mostly it is not for a public entry...
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First, Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] swsa! I hope it was a good one, and thank you for the card - I've just got it!
Also thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pfeifferpack and [livejournal.com profile] jwaneeta for their cards!

And now I wish Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it tonight and generally happy days for everyone!
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First od all, I wish everybody very happy New Year! I hope that the coming year will be amazing.

I am in a very busy and happy mood - finishing all the "this-year things" and preparing for the New Year: cooking, cleaning, watching movies, writing letters. thinking waht to wear and what to do, and what to wish...

It is lovely. ;)

Except: Who put so many bones into herrings? And Why?

Instead of a present I am putting here a picture of my New Year tree (one of five):
New Year Tree )

which reminds me: I've got a card from [livejournal.com profile] lillianmorgan! Thank you!

New Year! Happy! Yay!
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Other than that the mean cold has cauhgt with me, and I feel disgusting. I should be doing fun stuff, yet I don't. Slowly writing several long posts, that I eventually hope to post this weekend - if I have time, because it is looking to be busy.

Or, and it is the Christmas Eve for me, finally. I don't do anything specific, and I would be really confused if anyone asked me to do something, but I still consider this day special.

Several years ago (10-14 years ago) I would be fortune-telling right now - using various weird means like burning paper on a skillet and others. The way of surviving Russian customs boggles me to no end.

Our pagan ways managed well through Christianity, and state-approved atheism, and all kinds of enlightenment. I mean, it is not what it was before, but when I think of origins of some stuff, I realize that it goes a way back, so way, it isn’t funny. But, I guess, other cultures have their pagan rudiments as well – I mean not in books, in myths, in but in the general life habits.

Happy 2005!

Jan. 1st, 2005 02:34 pm
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So, we have safely arrived into the New Year. It went rather well – I would say unexpectedly well, since I didn’t expect anything in particular.

We went to celebrate the New Year with a group of Russian-speaking MBA students&families – people that we don’t know enough to call friends, but interesting and pleasant guys.

Still – meeting New Year is always a risk. But this time it went very nice: the table was abundant with food and drink (our hosts having just returned from Cuba, there was a lot of rum), the conversations never died out leaping on strange and diverse topics such as cemeteries in Cuba and New Orleans, the might of China, and tanks T-34. the apogee of the night was, naturally, the midnight moment – and as many Russians note, in North America it lacks a certain something – the sound of chimes in the clock on the Spasskaya Tower in Moscow Kremlin. Now, of course, the New Year is coming with or without the bells, but it is a very nice bells, and, more importantly, we are so used to it that it gives the whole thing a new and poignant significance.

So, our hosts found and downloaded the chimes sound – and after it stroke twelve, we’ve heard the dearly familiar bells. In the instant everything felt right. After the bells we’ve had a surprise – an old USSR anthem played. We all remember it played at twelve – up to thirteen years ago, and everyone can sing the words we’ve learned at school (the music is again Russian anthem, but the words are different.) However, the words here were different – it was a really old variant, from the thirties, with Stalin mentions. The combination of it all produced a curious effect of ironic and slightly embarrassed joy. None of us misses the Soviet Union particularly, but listening to the old anthem has brought a kind of nostalgia to us. So we laughed and laughed some more. As a result we’ve met New Year with laughter, which I am very happy about.

Then there were dances with incredibly mish-mashed music, tea, and more talking. It was all good.

And now for something completely different:

A Korean song with cartoon for your listening pleasure. I have no idea what it is about, but it is fun:

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I am waving you my hands from Arizona and wishing Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it today, and a great time for everyone!!


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1)After reading yesterday's friends' page full of squeeing over windfalls of paid LJ time, I am joining the squee.


Thank you, dear misteriuos stranger for two months of LJ time!!

::hugs and kisses::

2) The first Christmas card arrived yesterday. :: kisses [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa::


3) I had lots of fun reading the discussion in my LJ. Unfortunately, i didn't have time to answer all of you (that stupid necessity to work at work and study after), but I will today. Anyway, it seems that you had a good time there as well.) ;)

Joy to everyone and happy weekend!
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I understand that is almost late, but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!

I am a heathen, whose idea of Pilgrims based on Addams Family Values movie. But I am happy happy for you, and spent this day thinking of turkeys (and commas, but it is off topic.)

I wonder who called turkey "turkey", and why?

I wonder about lots of stuff, actually.

william butler yeats are love
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