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::hugs her friends-list tight::

I have to admit, Valentine's day has always had a touch of crazy for me, since I cannot break a connection with Ophelia.

but then there is nothing wrong with little insanity. ;)

huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sweet_ali for her gift! it brightened my day and stopped the snowstorm in Toronto.
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So, we've met the New year and I like it so far. I woke up today in the morning unbelievably bright and bouncy - a fry cry from my yesterday's "Why do all those people keep telling me to wake up?"

Yesterday was quite good and special though - we spent most of the day at our friends' friends house at the baptism of our friends' son. Party was mostly Romanian, and the food, and the baptism itself - Romanian Orthodox priest had come with all stuff including a basin, and the baptism took place at home, which was good, since already long Orthodox ceremony was prolonged by repeating parts of service in English (mostly in went in Romanian). Overall there was a lot of fuss, excitement and happy warm feelings. The baby was confused, but took it all very well, and liked the bath. :)

after all that we celebrated New Year coming to Romania (together with EU) and left for home, where I happily fell asleep. Woke up before midnight and went to friends' place to sit and celebrate the New Year chatting about unimportant stuff...

Here are some pictures I uploaded from our road trip: Niagara Falls, view from USA side:
Niagara Falls Pictures

We saw the falls from Canadian side several times by now and loved the USA side much more - whether because of the novelty or because it has a large park to walk around and many things to see.

Happy New Year! )
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We are home from our road trip. Toronto looks positively homey, and this is a nice feeling. The last two days (since tuesday evening when we arrived) we were doing mostly nothing, but now I am starting to feel the need to do useful things - after all, I had plan to clean up both the apartment and the computer, and many other plans for which I never have time usually. But the inevitable return to work makes me sad already...

we liked the trip very much, though P. found both Boston and New York too much like Moscow - not something I object since I love Moscow.

the good time was had though - we walked, we wandered, we shopped, we ate in strange places, we spent lots of time in subways and buses, we made pictures. Pictures that have to be uploaded.

I got to do the most touristy thing ever - to climb the Empire State Building. I've never ever felt the smallest inclination to climb Ostankino TV Tower in Moscow or the CN Tower in Toronto... but here it goes... It cost me two hours of standing in line and money I could spend on shoes and books, but I feel accomplished and don't regret it.

I did buy two pairs of shoes, though I didn't planned it.. and a handbag (I was looking for one), and 6 books. and 6 t-shirts for presents and some other stuff. I most happy about books. Canadian dollar is on the rise, but book prices are the same and buying in US makes total sense at the moment.

my favourite finds are: The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker and How to read a Poem by Terry Eagleton, both bought at Harvard Co-op bookstore, where we spent several very pleasant hours...

while driving, the fate proved several times that the line we are in moves the slowest. In heavy traffic it could be explained by mistake in perception, but at the Canadian border it really was the slowest - in all other lines cars hardly stopped to show the documents, but in ours every car took 5 or so min to move into Canada. Of course, we had the maniac officer who asked the strangest questions like Whom did we meet in NY? and How can we prove we were there?

anyway. all was good, and we are home now!

I have received cards from [livejournal.com profile] asta77, [livejournal.com profile] swsa, [livejournal.com profile] janedavitt, and [livejournal.com profile] masterslady, for which I am thankful, as they made my return even sweeter!

Hope everyone is having great time and I wish a very belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] swsa!
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Seriously. Just sitting here and pondering whether I should check my work email. I know it will make me unhappy and worried, so I hold on, but the thought that I should check it and maybe call the office keeps nagging me. I want the working stuff to flow smoothly without me, and I know pretty well that I can stay worried about it for the whole two weeks of vacation. and I just want to rest. the last weeks were downright crazy, and I don't think I functioned as a sane person over that time. Oh well. I am lazy enough to talk myself into not doing anything, but I still will worry...

on to the less worrisome: husband is on vacation as well, and we are planning some holiday travel south of the border. For several days hotels are booked, but we are giving ourselves licence to do what we please and see what the fancy strikes us, with the idea to return sometime before New Year.

I am finally sending my holiday cards - I had to energy to write them during the last weeks and spent this weekend frantically trying to write something different to everyone. Pity I didn't have any cards from Russia left, so they wouldn't be as weird as usual.

I've got a card from [livejournal.com profile] the_royal_anna on Friday! yay!

and here is my holiday stocking. It's a very sad, almost empty stocking...
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First od all, I wish everybody very happy New Year! I hope that the coming year will be amazing.

I am in a very busy and happy mood - finishing all the "this-year things" and preparing for the New Year: cooking, cleaning, watching movies, writing letters. thinking waht to wear and what to do, and what to wish...

It is lovely. ;)

Except: Who put so many bones into herrings? And Why?

Instead of a present I am putting here a picture of my New Year tree (one of five):
New Year Tree )

which reminds me: I've got a card from [livejournal.com profile] lillianmorgan! Thank you!

New Year! Happy! Yay!
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I got through the lamenting of the untimely demise of “Angel the series”. I was sad, I still wish it lasted one more season at least, but getting into perspective: it is silly to dwell on it for long. So I am moving on – to the Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine’s Day is still The Weird Custom of Foreign People for me, and has mostly literary associations. It is something crazy Ophelia sang about, it is something from the The Pickwick Papers , not from the real life.

Yet because I am shallow and easily influenced by popular culture, I was thinking about it. After prolonged thinking I decided to tell you a story about something that also has no connection to real life – my crush, no my… what exactly? .. . let’s say ‘pure love’ that has lasted 10 years already. It is kind of perpetual background, most of the time I don’t even remember that it is here. But it is. Who is that translucent image on the background, the hero of my decade-old crush? Look at my icon. He was young and cute so long ago.

Alessandro di Mariano Felipepi, called Botticelli )
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To cheer up myself and everybody else after my last entry, I unearthed wonderful anti-valentine cards.

That one is for you all:
look here

And now you can go to http://www.meish.org/vd/ and have fun with more cards.


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