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Alan Rickman reading Shkespeare's Sonnet 130 is the gift I want to share with friends. He needs to read more. Maybe, War and Peace? Odyssey? Divine Comedy? I'd buy them all.

I am here, reading and watching with no patience to write myself.

But it's time to write up my thoughts on fannish stuff.

1) I've been reading occasionally recaps of BtVS on tor.com. Comments where people are wrong still have the power to make me angry and sad... I have a good fandom corner over here, where people have the right kinds of opinion (even when they differ with mine) and much more interesting thoughts.

2) in newer shows. I am still enjoying "Once Upon a Time" - both the show and the discussions here.

3) in very new shows.

Sleepy Hollow is the magical crack, absolutely insane and impossibly delightful. I am very glad they used more the cultural image of Sleepy Hollow, and not the original story itself. Because, honestly? Original Icabode Crane is the most boring character ever, and if he woke up after 250 years, he would have dropped dead from all the new things to absorb. Making new Icabode the Oxford professor and a spy was a stroke of genius.

I am very happy it is given two seasons already. No one cares about Washington Bible and stuff, but I can watch for years Icabode being handsome and snarky, Abbie Mills being altogether awesome, and Jenny being all Sarah Connor.

They already went through evil Greek gypsies and Germans, mystical Indians, and I am fully expecting Rasputin to show up mid-season. He'd fit right in.

3) S.H.I.E.L.D. kind of meh, but still I am going to watch it. At least through sweeps.
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Another cool Coursera course: Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets


by Susan E. Alcock.

Here is a bit about her:

Lots of fun! I promise!

and for more fun: a new community [profile] 2ceuponatime for those who want to re-watch and discuss Once Upon a Time, one episode a week, starting now.
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and I keep telling myself to write, with various success.

I was away for some time - I finally had an opportunity to go to Russia with D. So, so happy! and so sad, as the next opportunity won't come soon enough. I do feel that my home is here now, but to hug all my family at once is priceless.

more later, I hope.

in the fannish news: Much Ado about Nothing has opened, but the closest is in NY, and I won't go there to watch it. Will have to wait for DVD - I assume they realize how many people would want to pre-order it.

And here is a bit of unpopular fannish opinion: I hate the Kenneth Branagh's version, because I hate Kenneth Branagh in all the roles except for Gilderoy Lockhart. there. I said it.

today meta lover can have fun here:

(click on the picture)

I posted one question: http://upupa-epops.livejournal.com/247203.html?thread=5292707#t5292707
and one answer: http://upupa-epops.livejournal.com/247203.html?thread=5280419#t5280419

and I'll try to do more.
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I've been thinking about comics with vague curiosity on and off. I cannot accept them as canon, but I am glad that people are enjoying it and arguing and even that steam on occasion blows off. Fandom is alive and well, no matter how many of old guard drifted off.

The question is: with so-called Season 8 moving to its conclusion, what can be done with the season 9 to make it fresh and trendy and attracting new fans?

when I considered the modern trends, the answer became clear:

It must be a 3-D movie starring Betty White as Buffy Summers!
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You know, I need to re-learn to talk to people. Or learn it finally for real. Because I suck at starting conversations with people I don't know. I always has been, and maybe it is as a good time to stop sucking.

Yesterday I went to a Sony Reader Meetup, co-hosted by Sarah Wendell, of the http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/index.php. It was pretty awesome. I've got to see actual people, talk about books and finger shiny red Sony Readers. Now I kind of want one. But they don't support Russian, and cost money, and I don't really need one. Besides, I'd rather have blue one. Still, they are nifty.
D behaved himself, but was bored. I had to use non-pedagogical means of keeping him quiet, because I just that didn't want to leave.
After that I took him upstairs to see Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It is fantastic, but D is too small to get it all. He liked all the touch-screens, we played with robots and such, but most of all he enjoyed chasing the colourful circles on the floor.

And in a subway I saw a mutant rat. Nothing to write home about. Subway mutant rats in Moscow are RED! (not)

At home D invented a game of tennis that is played with a wooden spoon and a beach ball. Wooden spoons are his favourite toys these days. They go with everything.

Re: latest LJ kerfuffle. I think they are stupid, not evil, as usual, and didn't think what they were doing. It doesn't excuse them, of course, but I hope they will clean up the mess eventually. The possibility of joining of one's virtual life in different places isn't bad by itself, for those who want it, but those who want to keep their virtual lives virtual, and separate also shouldn't depend on good will of their reading list to do it.

I keep my LJ separate from anything else, even though I am happy to connect with the same people here and there. I obviously won't be having my comments on LJ showing up anywhere else, and trust you won't as well.

I don't see myself permanently migrating anywhere, though. The community here is too important to me, but I start to ponder cross-posting with Dreamwidth more. I know many of you love it there, but it feels still kind of alien to me. BTW, if someone needs DW codes, I have some.
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a recent post in [livejournal.com profile] coffeemakers has brought to my mind a memory of one Writercon 200 panel that I always wanted to write about, but always forgot. Now, though, I have an ulterior motive to do it - and nothing pushes me better.

so, two years ago at Writercon 2006, there was a panel I don't remember a name of. or who was there, besides me. sorry about that. on that panel we discussed the relationships between the setting and the story being told. I raised a question of setting in BtVS - how setting reflects the story, and more importantly, Buffy's state of mind. Buffy comes from L.A. to a "one-Starbucks' town". It does not matter how many Starbucks are there and why (didn't sacrifice enough virgins? lost the best spot to Sunnydale High?). Vancouver after Moscow felt to me as a "one-Starbucks' town", even though Moscow doesn't have any Starbucks to my knowledge, and Vancouver - quite a lot. it's all about the feeling inside. Sunnydale grows over the first years, together with Buffy's world and her interactions with it, reaching its largest size, I think, in season four with a shine bright huge campus. Then, in season 5 it starts shrinking and in season 6 we hardly see anything but cemetery, house, Magic shop and DMP. and we don't notice the absence of the world, not really. In season 7 the world forcefully reminds us about itself - here are we in England, here we are in Berlin, Istanbul, etc - and here is the whole world comes crushing to a small house on Revello drive, giving us a slightly claustrophobic feeling. This centripetal motion ends up with the big explosion, giving Buffy the whole world with that wonderful last shot.

the thought itself was not too original or super-amazing, but it gave start to a curious discussion: a lady got up and said that that claustrophobic feeling was due to shrinking production values and not higher creative considerations. I actually don't remember what was said after and by whom, but my perfect answer as always came to me later. here it is: thank you, and we also know that vampires and slayers don't exist, but we still discuss their relationships and meanings.
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Re-watching season 7, I noticed that Willow does much more work around the house, than in the previous season (when she did none). She bought the microwave, she did laundry – okay, I don’t remember much more, but it is still more than none.

Trying to explain this mistery to myself, I remembered the timeless lines from Something Blue:

Well, baking lifts about 30% of my guilt, but only 7% of my inner turmoil. Guess that'll just take awhile.

And it has kind of falls together, doesn’t it? The housework – visible and useful activity as Willow’s coping mechanism.

And, apparently, when she feels right, she doesn’t need it. ;)
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I spent yesterday at home, trying to do something with my cold (it mutated, I think, but I feel better and able to breath, which is good.) the other useful things were done as well, but not as much as I planned – of course. At least I’ve done my homework for the new class, some actual work, and a lot of lj reading. (the last one wasn’t very useful.)

I tried to do the first lines meme, and it turned out too boring, then I traced the origins of the most recent kerfuffle, and was incredibly amused by it. I mean, I remember some of the kerfuffles of the past year, especially the summer of 2003, and the last summer (2004), and this one seems so funny in comparison, almost cuddly. ;)

Are we really moving to better times or is it the sign of the decadence?
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As seen at [livejournal.com profile] elisi and [livejournal.com profile] automatedalice_

If there is at least one person in your life who you consider a close friend, and who you would not have met without being part of an online fandom, post this sentence in your journal.

Because it is so true.
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This is the story I've been writing for the Tales of the Slayers ficathon. Today is the posting day, but I am still writing the end, so behold: my very own work in progress!
The first part is ready, so here it is.

The Curiosities of Northern Palmyra. Part I )
Constructive feedback is very welcome. I wanted to make footnotes and the pronunciation guide for the proper names, please tell if you want them.
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I am writing the story for my Tales of the Slayer ficathon assignment. And it’s killing me! It exists nicely in my head, I walk the street with perfect dialogues going on in my brains, cool phrases and so on. Then I am sitting here, fingers on the keyboard – and the words don’t want to come outside.
I also feel that I will write a post with historical and geographical footnotes and illustrations afterwards. Or should I add the illustrations in the text?

I probably should put all that energy into something useful.
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It came to my attention that Buffy fandom has an inordinate amount of lawyers (future, past, and present) in it.

I can think of three possible explanations:

1) I notice them (birds of a father and all that), and they take a prominent position in my mind, but not in reality.
2) The amount of lawyers in the fandom represents proportionally the amount of lawyers among the general population.
3) The fandom attracts freaks of nature.

What is your opinion?
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Half of the yesterday we spent cycling and sitting in the park, reading books and looking at geese. Then, of course was the cycling back home, after which I felt not so dead as two weeks ago. Still, cannot go uphill if it is long and/or steep.

I continue reading The Woman in White, and find the evilness of sir Persival Glyde and Count Fosco very boring.

Recently we watched an X-files episode “Arcadia.” It’s season 6, and even though I usually have no idea about names of the episodes and their placement in seasons in X-files, we have s6 DVDs (a present from a friend). Anyway, to the episode: it has a very Jossverse feeling. With the first scene of a nice clean suburban neighbourhood, and I am thinking immediately: “Hell” – after the last season on AtS, and of course I am write, and the episode brings out the demonizing of real life experiences just like it, and Olaf the troll appears (Abraham Benrubi) and I am all Yay! And Mulder and Scully are playing the married couple, and Mulder is horrible at it, and I am Yay! again.

Unrelated to this: I found this article recently, and it was fun to read, but I cannot comment if it is true or not – both the overview of Russian LifeJournal (Russian in the sense of the language it is written in), and the reasons behind suggested common traits. May be one – saying that most of the other lj users have a dozen or two of friends tells me that he’s never seen fandom (any fandom) LJs.

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I watched the finale yesterday, and I am still gaping for air, so I decided, instead on thoughts on topic, to post the history of my coming into the Buffyverse.
The Story of me in Buffyverse - no spoilers for the finale )

But I cannot stop without voicing my emotions on finale. Here is it spoilers for AtS 5.22. )



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