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Maybe even ever. And, it is work-mostly-unrelated.
By the way, after all the exhilaration of the first week having a job, the hard truth sinks in: I am actually supposed to work now – in the sense of accomplishing things. In time. Without being asked specifically or reminded to do so. Who knew? ::mind boggles::

Anyway, I am working – quite overwhelmed by it, yet making stuff happen. The funny thing is what four years mostly not working did to my meager organizational and time-managing skills. They are non-existent – please don’t tell anyone about it. I am trying to fool people into believing I am a capable worker.

Cue me, writing this instead of an appeal I should be writing.

Actually, I like writing that appeal, too.

I seem cannot write anything, but work stuff these last days, so you are witnessing my first attempt to combine writing my usual cheerful nonsense and the stuff I am expecting to be paid for.

Going back to the judges: yesterday I was present at the Canada-Russia Judicial Conference on Property Rights – just for fun (I suspect that fun was, indeed, the real purpose of this conference: judges hanging out together, making friends, sightseeing, having dinners.)
I mean, someone else would be making useful contacts; I had an inspiring discussion on the property rights in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the separatism as a legal problem with a law student from McGill (Montreal, Québec), and a Russian PhD student in Political Science from University of Toronto. At least, this PhD guy invited us to have a lunch for the conference members. The lunch was great. And then I had to go to work – just when I started to feel brave enough to talk to other interesting people there. I also kick myself that I decided to go to work on Monday – instead of going to this conference.

http://www.utoronto.ca/crees/program.pdf the conference program. details to come.
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I am sitting here under the pile of lawsuits trying to figure out things.

I am surprised to discover:
1) I have to actually work – to do stuff for the whole day
2) I have no time left
3) I have no idea when to cook
4) I have to spend money on lunch
5) I want to buy a lot of stuff – right now.
6) I miss my husband
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First thing: being a lawyer is an incurable disease. You can stop working; you can change careers, but if by any chance you start again, it is like slipping in the old favourite pair of jeans that you thought would be too small by now, but it is not, and after a couple of days you feel like you never stopped wearing them.

I feel like this. This is not to say that I don’t feel lost and confused, because I have no idea where everything is, and how it is working, and the Russian laws changed well enough in the last four years… There is a lot of stuff to do, but it is not as overwhelming as I feared. Yay!

Yesterday I picked up an old lady in the subway - a tiny, tiny, but lively old lady. She asked me when the St. George station is, I said I was going there and would show her, then I helped her to get to the Bloor line, then the train went off without us, and we were waiting for the next one and talking, talking, talking. Well, she did most of the talking. About that she is well after eighty, but independent. That she cannot recognize familiar places any longer, because her eyesight has changed and so are the places - with all the new high-rises and renaming the streets… that she doesn’t go to downtown often now, but when she comes she cannot find anything… that I don’t look my 28 at all, and if I keep it that way nobody would give 80 one day… that she worked as a nurse for 17 years, interpreting from six languages. I asked what languages. She said, “first of all, Russian…” I was surprised, really. She came long ago form Ukraine knowing only two words in English: “yes” and “no.” Anyway, when I had to get off the train, we were both very disappointed that I had to go. I kinda wanted to adopt her.

So, yes, I am working now. Have to write some stuff right now. Totally forgot how sleepy the reading of court documents makes me…


Oct. 5th, 2004 09:40 pm
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No, seriously. I’ve got a job. I’ve been looking for it for some time, and it was hiding from me – maliciously, no doubt.

And then – bang!

You see, I wasn’t looking in that direction – I wanted to find a job the regular way, in a regular Canadian company. And I was having a lot of interviews these last two months, but to no avail. And then, this Friday, we are having a party for all Russian students in my husband’s school (Russian in a wide sense of language and culture, not nationality or even citizenship), and we meet new people, and we introduce ourselves, and then there is a guy desperate for a Russian lawyer in Canada. Oops. Cue me, getting a job.

I’ve always been (unofficially) of the opinion that my job will find me itself (as my adventures usually do). I knew it was a wrong opinion, but I was joking about it and didn’t really expect it to happen. But it did. Well, it also had to do with networking , but still… weird.

Me? Happy.
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It came to my attention that Buffy fandom has an inordinate amount of lawyers (future, past, and present) in it.

I can think of three possible explanations:

1) I notice them (birds of a father and all that), and they take a prominent position in my mind, but not in reality.
2) The amount of lawyers in the fandom represents proportionally the amount of lawyers among the general population.
3) The fandom attracts freaks of nature.

What is your opinion?
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My husband sent me this quote. Isn't he thoughtful?

I finally sent an application to U of T! Month later than I planned initially, but still hadn't missed the deadline. Yay! My misterious wish to be a luminary in jurisprudence might actually come true. Now I have to wish it really badly. Which I do. Oh, and send one to York, too, but this will be tomorrow.
After February 1 I will be obsessing with Crete-Mycenean civilization (which is fun) and job-hnting (which is not).

I was thinking about doing BBC book meme, but then decided that it is pointless. So, not doing it. Here!

Do you know that Canadian beaver is heading for the world domination? Ask me how.
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I am supposed to be used to severe winters. So what? It doesn't make walking in –20 C plus chilly wind any more exiting. Well, I do think that winter should be with snow and temperatures below zero, I was missing it in Vancouver. Yet you know: wind sucks. Today is it nice enough actually, but yesterday I was telling myself: "Why did I what winter anyway? Was I out of my mind or what?"

Enough about the weather.

I am crazy re-editing my thesis proposal. Arguing with my husband about choice of words. What was I thinking, hoping to finish everything in December? Plus, I almost forgot about application to York University. I do not want there, not really, but it is supposed to be my back up plan. I am so have to send everything next week. Grrrrr...

Okay, about AtS 5.09Read more... )


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