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Instead of finishing my Moscow stories, or anything else useful, I want to tell you lots of unnecessary information about my life.

The cable people came and disconnected cable from our apartment – not more TV. It doesn’t surprise me, since we didn’t pay for the cable services – we moved in, turned the TV on, it worked. It showed most of the channels, anyway. Now it doesn’t. ::sigh:: Whatever. Not going to pay 80 CAD for the privilege to watch five channels two-three hours a day (amount of what we were watching). Not now, or any time soon, in any case. I wanted to watch Olympic games, of course, but… May be, we’ll think of something.

In the computer news: we have a lot of computers at home now. As many as tables. ;) My computer has gone back to Windows. Which is weird again. It took me not a little effort to get used to Linux environment, and now I don’t want to lose it, and it feels cool to use Linux, and it has lots of cool unnecessary things – free things beside. I loved The Tea Cooker, and Moon Phases, and the Sky Map, and all the games…

But the truth is – the applications that I actually use – need Windows. So, I am back. Not sure for how long. I feel now with my computer like with a hotel room - may be I’ll move tomorrow, may be I’ll stay for two more month. Strange feelings towards computer.

Pigeons on our balcony have two baby pigeons now. How are they called? I am dreading the moment they grow up and become noisy – but we cannot throw them away now. So we are stuck with pigeons. Great. I cannot use my balcony.
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Life is going along, as it usually does. I am getting used to Linux, although still the notion persists that MS Windows is normal, and for Linux one has to have some special reasons. And, yes, we have our reasons. But that's not . Because – there should be reasons to use Windows (as says my husband) – it is expensive (not that we ever...), whereas Linux and its applications are free. Of course, Linus is a pain to set up and configure, but once it's there, it's fine... Still: Feeling as I am making a heroic effort by using Linux. Never mind a load of a silly games that keep distracting me from the Useful Stuff. Regarding the Useful Stuff: Found myself not writing what I planned to write, but a story (in Russian) that I thought out a year ago, some technical writing (?), and busy with (gulp!) graphic design. Hmm... The later includes me using the traditional Russian method of "scientific poking" working with GIMP and trying to get a picture from my mind onto the computer screen. The method of scientific poking consists of some quality staring at the studied object, then poking at it in different ways. Sometimes it yields amazing results, sometimes not. So, I am poking at GIMP...

The LJ fairy visited me today and left me with two months of paid account. Thank you, dear anonymous fairy! I am feeling happy, grateful, and dumbstruck. I want to hug the world and to give everyone a puppy (ok, not everyone wants a puppy, but I still want to do some good deeds – may be to help an elderly lady to cross the street? I'll need to hunt some appropriate old ladies for that.) I also want to know what to do with my shiny new paid membership? Make the pretty layout? Grab more icons? Mood themes? Polls? Phone posts? Whaa!

::is still happy::

::dances around::

::goes to a pub to celebrate Isalba's birthday::
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Yep, that's me – as of now. I have no recollections of what I was going to do when return from Moscow, I have no idea what to do next, and then after it. Moscow seems unnaturally close every time I return to Canada from Russia. Although I forgot to buy some stuff I wanted to, didn't manage to go to some places I planned, and have no idea when I will be able to accomplish all this.

Internet wasn't accessible at my parents' home – due to decrepit communication lines – which was a pity as I had many beuatiful thoughts in this two weeks, and I am not sure I will remember any of them now. Of course, I could have just written them down, but no, we, the real heroes are not looking for the easy ways, we are looking for the most difficult, roundabout ones...

To my after-travelling confusion I added the weird feeling of being totally brainwashed by MS Windows. My husband changed our computer to Linux, and I feel very lost with all the different stuff. It is not worse, it is just different, I look at it and mourn my comfortable Windows corner – with pretty things, with Adobe Photoshop that I still have hope to learn, with its sense of normality... Brainwashed, I am.

And how can I edit pictures now? How?

Things are not that bad – I still have a lot of chocolate candies and the cranberry liquor, and will survive – definitely. Plus, tomorrow we are going to the birthday party and will have fun.

Speaking of birthdays – happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] _green_ and [livejournal.com profile] janedavitt!!!
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Was very tiresome.

But now we have got it. Shall I go and comment on everything I missed in last two weeks? Probably. The idea behind getting DSL was to use it for the benefit of humankind, and not for sheer entertainment. Hence I have to make sure that the humankind will benefit from this activity of mine.

But what have I accomplished in the last week?

I’ve written a poem. I don’t write as much as before, and every time I am actually happy with the end result, it is a major event of my inner life. So, this time I am more or less happy. I probably will revise it, of course, but for now I am content. It’s been a habit of mine to write a poem while thinking about writing a story. A poem is short, and I don’t have to worry about detailed plot and multiple characters. Hence lots of thought out but still not written stories.

I was thinking – to post or not it here, then decided that LJ is perfectly suited for such thing as indulging oneself in illusion of one’s wonderful literary talent. Besides, not many people around here can prove otherwise since it is in Russian.

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I haven't seen LJ for two days, and now I feel terribly lost. How do people manage huge friends' lists? I have no idea how to write all those comments I want to post, I mean with my Internet schedule, my typing speed, and the fact that I have to have an actual thought to comment, and not just "Wow!", all my comments seem terribly outdated even before I post them. Besides, silly me has just found out that I cannot edit comments. Oh horror! My mistakes and typos are going to live forever!

On Friday we've seen Addams Family Values in n-th time, but after a long break. It is a delightful movie, that I can watch, and watch, and watch - Morticia and Gomez are dancing tango, Wednesday as Pocahontas, torture by Disney... But you, this time it was all about Harmony. :) I mean, Mercedes MacNab's character has some other name - but she is so Harmony!
The whole new perspective and lots of giggles. And did I tell how much I love Wednesday? The way she is trying to smile? Bwahaha!

I am busy with stuff, and you know? The story settled in my head and demand to write it! Very disturbing. Moreover, it is set 1500 BC or something, in Greece. So, I gave up and brought a big pile of books from the library. Now, I am trying not to write it until the important stuff is done.


Dec. 15th, 2003 02:16 pm
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I depend on public access to Internet, therefore I shouldn't complain much about quality of it. Yet I am complaining: why wasn't I able to post comments for two days? What exactly was wrong? As if it is not enough to struggle with Hotmail!

On the other hand, I've made myself a new icon. I spent an hour staring at Photoshop window, trying to figure out how to use it (as if I had nothing better to do). My verdict: icon-making is an evil, addictive activity.

Plus, I had to kick myself because... because I really had to.

the point of this post: new icon.

ETA: font size in the icon is too small. Will have to change.


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