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As it happens, the New Year Eve's fun is as much about food as everything else. It is understood that food doesn't make the celebration fun, but without food it is no fun, either. I worry a lot before the day, since I have - every single year - that drive to cook as much as no one can eat, but thankfully, my laziness overcomes at the end and I only cook what can be eaten by two people - and it still takes us three days to finish it all.

But "THE SALADS" must be prepared - otherwise it's all wrong. "Herring under a coat" for P., and "Olivie" for me. Lately, with the addition of D, we also work on making holiday cookies.

So here are two pictures:

This is "olivie" salad

these are "kozuli" - traditional Nothern Russian cookies. the problem is that I haven't eaten the real ones, so I have no how do they fare by comparison, but they were delicious in their own right. D. was decorating himself.
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As luck had it, we had a snowfall on 29th, and then temperature fell just enough for snow to stay, so we had a couple of days of winter wonderland and an opportunity to use it for all its worth.

We've made a snowman, had a snowball fight, and then - this (sledding, I guess?). I was sledding too, as I am not averse to fun, but the snowhills of my childhood were so much better. ;)

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Well, I actually made this picture on 31st, when we still had snow, but it fits the theme and the mood. ;)

the words say С Новым Годом! - Happy New Year!

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I noticed that December is all gone, but I've made all the pictures before I got too busy to post them, and LJ too cluncy.

So I am going back to finish that, and start something new.

This is my son's room at night. We decorated as our laziness and crappy crafty skills allowed us. The end result is very cheerful, in my opinion. ;)
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cannot find a picture to post again. So I'll just say that through the years I've got a lot of gifts – some I didn't expect, and some I didn't want, like everybody else. One the grand scheme of things I was pretty lucky, and I am grateful for it. The fact that I feel unhappy ever so often doesn't mean that I don't have enough of something (even though I don't have enough of something quite often), but with the fact that I cannot properly use what I do have, all the gifts I've been given. Still, I am always grateful.
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now, that I don't have to take D. to school at 7:30, mornings don't exist. Let me have this illusion for the next couple of days. So, I present you with 3:00 pm instead, and a crazy clematis bud.

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My favorite scarf: Argentinian, hand-made, cheerful
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I don't know what to make a picture of that would illustrate meaningfully any holiday tradition to my satisfaction. SO I'll use words instead. And bulleted list.

- One of the biggest frustration of my life in North America is that I feel out of sync with the holiday season. It's not that I have completely different traditions, I have similar, but moved in time slightly, so it just makes everything awkward. I cannot accept fully North American ones, but lots of my childhood ones seem meaningless here, as they require participation of the crowds.

- my best holidays here were the ones when we celebrated Christmas with my Polish-Romanian friends, and celebrated New Year with Russian ones.

- still, when I look back, I see definite patterns emerging. Are they traditions? Not yet, but possibly on their way to becoming ones.

- every year I get depressed just before the New Year. I think of how little is accomplished, and that brings sorrow, Then I get better, as the old year goes away.

- every year I long to cook lots and lots of food, so I have to stomp on my culinary dreams, because, no one is going to eat so much food as I want to cook. It's just three of us.

- every year I want to do lots of holiday crafts with my son (it's a new pattern), and every year I do it three times at the best.

- every year I want to do something special for New Year, but we rarely do these days. Last year, though, we watched fireworks from our backyard.

- every year I want to watch lots of holiday movies, but never have time to watch at least two.

- every year I honestly wait for a holiday miracle. Occasionally it happens.
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I don't get the significance of this particular type of candy, I am of the believe there should be lots of different candies involved, but okay:


If you wonder where the candy canes are, firefighter Santa is giving them to the kids. It is a tradition of this town, for Santa to ride on a firetruck before Christmas along the streets, catch kids and feed them candy canes. Here he managed to round up several kids at the Y chess club. ;)
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I don't hang them, I wear them.

Still, they are very festive and warm.

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Hidden, non-wrapped, as usual until the time Ded Moroz will retrieve them and put under the Christmas tree.

But we have already received presents from my family in Moscow. Here is D's portion:

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I can't think of one name. I am pretty sure I like some, but don't remember the name, and by the end of holiday season all songs become some kind of homogeneous noise in my head.

so: the next best thing - a scene from Desk Set where Katharine Hepburn's Bunny is very drunk and jolly. She does sing "Jingle bells" at some point, but I couldn't find that clip.

I need to watch the movie again.
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Well, I've been thinking about his entry, and then it was decided for me. Kind of. I closed my eyes, opened it and found, like Sleeping Beauty, that an eternity had passed while I was sleeping - whole two hours. Two hours of quiet! What can be more beautiful?
I can't show you the picute of me sleeping, so this is what D. was doing while I slept:



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