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Ten years ago I watched the Sunnydale collapsing, Spike going into flames, slayers awakening everywhere, and Buffy smiling through tears.
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Well, today is the big day for Buffy Summers. The last issue of s8 comic novel, not to mention the birthday. Is it really today? She was born in January 1981, so today or some time soon she is 30. We hardly can call her a girl by now.

One girl in all the world...

by the end of season 9 she will be forty, and finishing season 10 we shall celebrate the half-century old Vampire Slayer.

I have decided to finally sum up my feelings about “season eight”. I like that people are enjoying it. I like that it keeps fandom alive (or – if it was brought back from dead – is it resurrected or undead?). I read many interesting posts and saw many inventive icons, even though I haven't actually read the comics. None, save for several random panels.

somewhat weird ramblings about season 8 from a bad fan who never read any issues, followed by the silly poll )
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I feel like I have to say something about Buffy reboot news, if only to keep the topic alive. And here is the thing – I don't care. My most vivid reaction was massive eyeroll and shrugs. I don't know why the world right now needs to reboot a movie about a girl named Buffy who slays vampires, but it's not that I am going to run to the movie theater to find out.

I haven't even watched the first movie, after all. What for? The thing I fell in love with was the series created by Joss Whedon and starred Sarah Michele Gellar, all seven seasons of it. No one can take it away from me, as no one can come and take my DVDs from me (or, they can if they threaten me properly, but I just buy another copy). I managed to disregard the whole comic season 8th, I can disregard anything I want. Behold my awesome powers!!!

What really bugs me in all this, however, is that we live in age of constant reboots. The original is still here, still fresh, and we are getting another one – bigger and shinier. I don't believe we are out original ideas, but people with money don't trust them, so we are getting reboots, and sequels, and prequels and then reboots again. So tired!

(re-posted from LJ for the sake of re-posting)
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Praying mantis in the Central Park. It is really scary huge.

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I've been thinking about comics with vague curiosity on and off. I cannot accept them as canon, but I am glad that people are enjoying it and arguing and even that steam on occasion blows off. Fandom is alive and well, no matter how many of old guard drifted off.

The question is: with so-called Season 8 moving to its conclusion, what can be done with the season 9 to make it fresh and trendy and attracting new fans?

when I considered the modern trends, the answer became clear:

It must be a 3-D movie starring Betty White as Buffy Summers!
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finally remembered to post my ramblings from the week-old Buffy rewatch of The Initiative. Nothing cheers up the tired fandom, as Buffy herself. And lots of brandy.

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I don't read the comic itself (may be I will, some day, but not just now), but I do read the debates with interest. Here is another piece for those who is interested:

i09 interview with Brad Meltzer about issue # 34. http://io9.com/5529953/what-inspired-brad-meltzers-superpowered-sex-in-buffy-season-8

an excerpt:
How did you and Joss hash out the plot for your arc on Buffy?

So much of what you see in the arc is what I pitched to Joss. Years ago, I sent him my take on the Buffyverse. There were things he liked and things he hated. But when it came to the arc, it was in response to what I pitched to him, and he helped pull the best things out.

Nothing much new, of course, except for how cool it all apparently is.
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My Buffy rewatch doesn't work because of the total absence of time for it. When I do occasionally have some, I watch a random episode just to remind myself again how much I love it. The random episode I watched last week was Smashed, and I enjoyed it a lot.

In case you don't know - or forgot - what it is about, I uploaded some screencaps:

The story starts when Buffy expresses her wish to have a pony to random people.more about ponies )
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Stuff found on YouTube. You know, couple of months after getting a shiny new iPod touch I have figured out that I can download videos from YouTube there, using this thingy http://www.zamzar.com/url/ to transfer.

[Error: unknown template video]

Hence the clip hunting. Anyone has anything good to recommend?
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a recent post in [livejournal.com profile] coffeemakers has brought to my mind a memory of one Writercon 200 panel that I always wanted to write about, but always forgot. Now, though, I have an ulterior motive to do it - and nothing pushes me better.

so, two years ago at Writercon 2006, there was a panel I don't remember a name of. or who was there, besides me. sorry about that. on that panel we discussed the relationships between the setting and the story being told. I raised a question of setting in BtVS - how setting reflects the story, and more importantly, Buffy's state of mind. Buffy comes from L.A. to a "one-Starbucks' town". It does not matter how many Starbucks are there and why (didn't sacrifice enough virgins? lost the best spot to Sunnydale High?). Vancouver after Moscow felt to me as a "one-Starbucks' town", even though Moscow doesn't have any Starbucks to my knowledge, and Vancouver - quite a lot. it's all about the feeling inside. Sunnydale grows over the first years, together with Buffy's world and her interactions with it, reaching its largest size, I think, in season four with a shine bright huge campus. Then, in season 5 it starts shrinking and in season 6 we hardly see anything but cemetery, house, Magic shop and DMP. and we don't notice the absence of the world, not really. In season 7 the world forcefully reminds us about itself - here are we in England, here we are in Berlin, Istanbul, etc - and here is the whole world comes crushing to a small house on Revello drive, giving us a slightly claustrophobic feeling. This centripetal motion ends up with the big explosion, giving Buffy the whole world with that wonderful last shot.

the thought itself was not too original or super-amazing, but it gave start to a curious discussion: a lady got up and said that that claustrophobic feeling was due to shrinking production values and not higher creative considerations. I actually don't remember what was said after and by whom, but my perfect answer as always came to me later. here it is: thank you, and we also know that vampires and slayers don't exist, but we still discuss their relationships and meanings.
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I suck at posting.

But today I had a nagging feeling that something is worth posting, I checked the dates - and yes, it was May 20, 2003 when Chosen first aired in North America. Oh, my... So long time, and I still cling to it, to Buffy, to her friends, to me friends I made because of it. I still haven't found anything better to obsess about (except for baby fandom, of course)- and I am not in a hurry, really.

today the link is going around about Buffy and a reporter in Iraq - and, honestly, I can say the same thing about myself and Buffy. Even now, as I am typing this, Selfless is playing behind me. (Baby is napping).

It is the anniversary of Buffy's last smile on screen, a little bit sad anniversary - because there was no more new BtVS episodes to watch and enjoy and argue about, but a happy anniversary more - because it is a great story, and a great end to this story we watched for seven seasons.

and I love this Buffy's smile. Happy anniversary!
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Continuing with not book-related posts, I now move to the visual delights.

On TV I watch Doctor Who – finally, but only when I manage to remember or anything other doesn’t prevent me. Which usually happens every other week, but still.. I have the worst luck with Doctor Who, but I do like what I see there. ;)

With the DVDs I had huge plans before the leave. I was telling myself I’ll watch this and that and rewatch so many of those… and here am I… Not watching.. except for sometimes.

Becket )

Bourne Ultimatum )

More DVD: I watched some s6 Buffy today – and I keep noticing stuff I’ve never paid attention before. BtVS is a source of constant amusement )

In a non-watching news - I started to get my maternity benefits. Yay!
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It is a joy to read my friends' list today: so many good memories, so many lovely posts!

Ten years ago I had a very different life, with no Buffy in it. Five years ago I started watching BtVS. What did it give me:
a) lots and lots of wasted time.
b) a huge jump in my English skills - BtVS was one thing that moved me to express my thoughts in English in writing and try be understood. ;)
c) It's much more difficult for me to read badly written books or watch bad tv shows. I've honed my critical skills, and now I just have to go for good stuff.
d)Lots of friends, without whom I don't want to imagine my life now. ::loves you::

I posted a review on a book I've just finished: Not about Buffy, but with a definite connection to it
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First of all, A Very Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] ponygirl2000!

in other news is weather looks nice (from inside) - I am sitting at home and thinking whether I should go somewhere or try to do something useful at home.

I slowly re-organizing my computer - again. it is quite annoying to go through all teh programs again, and I cannot even get tham working the same as before (on the old comp). It is amazing jusst how many customized settings I had I cannot remember now!

I have also changed the name of my LJ - it's Fortis imaginatio generat casum now.

it's Latin for "A powerful imagination generates the event" and if you think it is pretentious and not very original - you are right: it is, but it goes well with the username. :)

I am also in need of a new moodtheme, and I think I should make it myself. Except I am too lazy, and it probably won't go beyond plans - as most things. My idea is to make multi-movie/TV - whatever I can find fitting my mood. I still like some moods from the currenet theme - may be I can leave them?

a week ago I did my post in [livejournal.com profile] buffy_love - it is mostly a page-long squee

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Re-watching season 7, I noticed that Willow does much more work around the house, than in the previous season (when she did none). She bought the microwave, she did laundry – okay, I don’t remember much more, but it is still more than none.

Trying to explain this mistery to myself, I remembered the timeless lines from Something Blue:

Well, baking lifts about 30% of my guilt, but only 7% of my inner turmoil. Guess that'll just take awhile.

And it has kind of falls together, doesn’t it? The housework – visible and useful activity as Willow’s coping mechanism.

And, apparently, when she feels right, she doesn’t need it. ;)
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I wanted to share my recent annoyance with you, guys. ;)

It is not exactly recent, but it came back to life after the last discussion in [livejournal.com profile] fer1213' LJ. First of all, I agreed with Fer’s post absolutely, but not with several comments to it. Some commenters expressed an opinion, popular at one part of the fandom – that is, that Buffy didn’t own all bad things she did to Spike, never apologized publicly, never was properly chastised for everything she did. So, she shouldn’t be forgiven and upheld as a proper heroine, and obviously she's not deserving of the Spike’s love.

And this attitude bugs me a lot.

I generalize here – not all these sentiments and not in this exact wording were expressed in the comments to Fer’s post, but all of them exist and I encountered them here and there.

I actually get where some of it comes from the series – Buffy doesn’t say in plain English everything we wanted her to say, but…

1.How did she not own her actions?

She admits that she behaved like a monster - and not to the Holden, but to herself, which is a huge thing. (Holden is a good therapist here – making her do all the work herself)

She admits using Spike several times – to Spike. Very good of her.

2.She doesn’t tell her friends or write about her relationship with Spike in Sunnydale Herald.
Yes. But why would she?
Why would anyone? Where does this taste for the public repentance come from? Dostoevsky? (yes, that’s right, but his characters are not exactly examples of mental health.)

I think Buffy’s relationships with friends were very true to life (mine, anyway), and no matter how much she loves them some things are not for them. She told it to whom it mattered.

3.Buffy can be terse and quippy, but eloquent in expressing her feelings she is not. Especially in the later seasons. She acts instead. And her (tiring eve for me) refrain “He has a soul now!” was the inability to express just how much it means to her. I can talk more on it, but other people said it better already. But I can't imagine a long remorseful monologue from Buffy about how she was mean and cold, and I don't want to. Her actions in s7 says a lot to me.

4.Forgiveness is not given when it is deserved, but when it is needed. (s2 Angelus episode, same time same place, the whole series, basically.)

I am ranting, hence the friendslocking this entry.

I feel better already. But sometimes I just wonder what makes people to have this need to see Buffy being chastised?
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I wasn’t sure whether I should post it, and then I did it – filtered and all, because sometimes I need to see my thoughts written to clear them out of my brain. There were several (or one big) kerfuffles the last summer about constructive critiques vs. hate vs. being nice, and I was thinking about what I love and don’t love and why…

And sometimes my dislikes have nothing constructive in it – I just don’t like the author’s version of the Universe or the characters. And I see no good reason to write the author about it.

Ok, here it is. I strongly dislike [livejournal.com profile] herself_nyc’s Bittersweets series. I read all up to the “Buffy in Italy” story – I don’t remember its name precisely – and then I stopped. I realized two things: 1) I really don’t like it. 2) I don’t have to torture myself then.

Why did I read it so far? Well, it is an amazing story. I have a deep respect for the skills and craft, and I admire the style and plotting – in the abstract way. Besides, every new story is an event in fandom from the first chapter with all the revisions and discussions, and I, being a sheep, wanted to know how it is going. Plus, the sex scenes are good. ;)

Also, I quite liked Herself’s “What she deserves” and “Lovingkindness” Universe.

But I don’t like Spike and Buffy there, and I don’t like what is going on with them. It is not even all the babies… it is all the mental torture, and how they don’t change forever, and other characters are pale shadows without making sense to me. They never change. Spike is always a martyr of love; Buffy is always a broken girl who doesn’t really deserve him.
And even the Victorian story, that everyone loves and which was one of the first fics I read ever, apart from amazing period details doesn’t rub well with me.

I don’t like Herself’s Spike and Herself’s Buffy. They are not bad, but they feel utterly alien and wrong to me. Recently I understood why: they belong to high tragedy; or, since their story ends reasonably well, to classical moral drama. They are deadly serious – in bliss and sorrow, in trouble and everyday life. Humour doesn’t exist in their universe.
Now, my Spike and Buffy make fun of each other – from School hard to Chosen and beyond, more over, they make fun of themselves. They mock and tease and laugh; they could be cruel and gently, and they changed. They are still changing.

So, yeah… not much sense, but I feel better.
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In every generation a Watcher is born.

One man in all the world, a Chosen One, one born with the strength and skill to watch the Slayers...

He alone will stand against the whims of superpowerful girls, the supervillains, the evil boyfriends, and the forces of darkness.

He is the Watcher.

Next season on WB “Andrew, The Watcher of the Slayers”
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Since it is nice to give people presents, and I have nothing tangible that I don't need myself, I decided to invent some stuff and give it away. :p
So, if you like something: take, have. And have great holidays!

Holiday presents from Sunnydale excavation site )
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If we to study world history in the Buffyverse, we would probably find out that The Great Plague of XIV century was caused by Anyanka – due to her tendency to “embellish” vengeance wishes she granted.


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