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You know, I need to re-learn to talk to people. Or learn it finally for real. Because I suck at starting conversations with people I don't know. I always has been, and maybe it is as a good time to stop sucking.

Yesterday I went to a Sony Reader Meetup, co-hosted by Sarah Wendell, of the http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/index.php. It was pretty awesome. I've got to see actual people, talk about books and finger shiny red Sony Readers. Now I kind of want one. But they don't support Russian, and cost money, and I don't really need one. Besides, I'd rather have blue one. Still, they are nifty.
D behaved himself, but was bored. I had to use non-pedagogical means of keeping him quiet, because I just that didn't want to leave.
After that I took him upstairs to see Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It is fantastic, but D is too small to get it all. He liked all the touch-screens, we played with robots and such, but most of all he enjoyed chasing the colourful circles on the floor.

And in a subway I saw a mutant rat. Nothing to write home about. Subway mutant rats in Moscow are RED! (not)

At home D invented a game of tennis that is played with a wooden spoon and a beach ball. Wooden spoons are his favourite toys these days. They go with everything.

Re: latest LJ kerfuffle. I think they are stupid, not evil, as usual, and didn't think what they were doing. It doesn't excuse them, of course, but I hope they will clean up the mess eventually. The possibility of joining of one's virtual life in different places isn't bad by itself, for those who want it, but those who want to keep their virtual lives virtual, and separate also shouldn't depend on good will of their reading list to do it.

I keep my LJ separate from anything else, even though I am happy to connect with the same people here and there. I obviously won't be having my comments on LJ showing up anywhere else, and trust you won't as well.

I don't see myself permanently migrating anywhere, though. The community here is too important to me, but I start to ponder cross-posting with Dreamwidth more. I know many of you love it there, but it feels still kind of alien to me. BTW, if someone needs DW codes, I have some.


Aug. 16th, 2010 05:23 pm
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I am cleaning up my Goodreads account by adding books, shelves and reviews. Like I have nothing else to do. I re-posted my old reviews from LJ mostly, which proved to be a fascinating read - I forgot about them and the stuff I wrote five years ago. Several reviews I couldn't find by my tags, which means I haven't yet finished tagging the entire lj. Oh, bother.

anyways, the books are here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/2187951
or here: http://avrelia.livejournal.com/tag/books
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I am a boring person these days, and don't have much to say of my own. Or time to write things that I do have to say.

But I manage to waste some of my time on reading blogs and I found some amusing stuff there.

First of all, Smart Bitches tell us that BenBella has launched their new Smart Pop Books site that are offering weekly free essays from their books (go and have a look, they have the expiry date!)

But even more interesting that SmartPop is also running a contest for essays on Dollhouse. Pity that they didn't do it for Buffyverse... There are so many great essays written over the years that deserve to be in print! Alas, I am not yet ready to think that much about Dollhouse. But maybe you can? I'd love to see your names there.

Jezebel.com had a post titled What Women Want: Gay Vampires, my first reaction on which was: DUH!
but it turned out that it was mocking some guys' strange reasonings about women's desires. The comments are fun though.

Joss Whedon has agreed to direct one episode of Glee

http://io9.com/5378355/the-strange-twisted-and-destructive-love-stories-of-joss-whedon This is a fun post. It's nothing new for a seasoned Whedonverse fan. Joss likes his love stories twisted? DUH! But I liked the acknowledgment of Spike and Buffy's love:

This arc is also steeped in metaphor. The two of them, at their darkest moments, turn to each other, and they even help each other become the people they want to be, but not before they help tear each other down to the saddest, most broken people they can be.

::is pathetic::

http://io9.com/5381793/is-science-fiction-feminized-or-is-it-sexist-both Here is the most interesting response on last weeks storm about sexism, women and SF
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I have two of them - if anyone still needs them, you are welcome.

And while I am at it: Happiest of birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] writteninstars!!! Much fun and much good luck to you, dear!
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I have created an account, just to see how it is and keep my name to myself. Otherwise, I am not planning to move here permanently from LJ or make it a separate journal with separate posts. We'll see what is going to happen along the way.


May. 1st, 2009 09:11 am
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So I created an account over there, because I Am a sheep, and that is a thing to do.

http://avrelia.dreamwidth.org/ I added those whom I remembered first thing in the morning, so if you think I missed you, come and say.

I do not believe I will be moving there, though.

Happy May 1st!!
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Для тех, кто предпочел бы читать меня на русском языке, сообщение:

Я создала себе новый журнал [livejournal.com profile] a_yurievna, где я, собственно и пишу по-русски. Заходите, читайте, пишите. Не знаю как пойдет параллельное писание, но вот захотелось. В этом журнал как-то регулярно переходить на русский не получается. Думаю, впрочем, давать здесь ссылки, если там случится что интересное написать. В общем, добро пожаловать!
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I've noticed a tendency throughout my flist in these last months: we comment less. I comment less, you comment less, everybody comment less. I read (well, skim) my f-list almost every day, but too often I have nothing to add or just don't have time to write anything meaningful. I assume everybody else is plagued with the same lack of time. or a different lack of time. another reason is of course, that our interests diverge more and more - I cannot find time to watch much of the often-discussed movies and TV, many of you are hardly interested in small children (but they are very funny to look at!) we converge in the universal topics like weather (do YOU have as much snow as we?), health or politics (Russian, Canadian or USA - take your pick). So our entries look like monologues instead of heated or relaxed conversations of the bygone days. Or is it an illusion? I should go back in time and check, though it won't be telling - I never posted as much as I thought of posting. maybe it just seemed that way because we all discussed the shared interests more. Monologues or not, I love reading my friends and see what is going on in your life or just what do you read or watch nowadays. I love my friends (YOU), and I miss them when they disappear from LJ-world.

So, there: even if I do not comment, I am here, I read and I care.

but occasionally I feel like I am twelve and I really want to get comments. ;)


Aug. 10th, 2007 12:27 pm
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I have created all kinds of new journals, as everyone else around here.

Me on Greatest Journal

Me on Insane Journal

Me on Journal Fen

All created for the purposes not to lose people who do decide to leave and get my username to myself. I have no intention of posting there - something new or cross posting, but I will eventually go and friend those whom I know. And probably upload some icons.

BTW, anyone know where has the search by username disappeared in LJ? I need it back.
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It seems my recent posts all concern either pregnancy or books - and you might think nothing else happens or interest me. Well, it is almost true.
However, not completely - I also watch movies and follow the kerfuffles here and there.

Well, a week ago, my blogging site devoted to pregnancy and children was hit by a major kerfuffle - probably its first, as the service is rather young (hardly over two years). It felt like a kerfuffle we usually have here ten per summer, but because it was a relatively small community (a babies fandom, I guess), because it was personal and not about fictional worlds and because the emotions of future and new mothers are running high, it was hot there for a time. I felt that nothing is ever new and ran here, back in my familiar fandom haven for some peace and quiet...

Yeah... So much for peace and quiet... I don't have much energy for moral outrage and I am way too cynical to expect anything good from 6A in the matter, but I am deeply sad that lots of people are planning to leave for good. Yes, 6A/LJ screws up and it doesn't care. Which raises some questions - what do they care about? Money, yes, but in what context applicable to LJ? I've read somewhere they are preparing for public offering, but the getting rid of HP porn seems too random an action. They obviously don't need paying members of LJ, as I guess it is not very profitable to rely on them. But what is profitable here? Is it actually possible to make money on LJ? You know, maybe they should cancel all permanent accounts, because those people are not going to pay for it again...

and the same goes for the Cyrillic segment, with its own problems and kerfuffles and the owner that nobody quite sure what they own actually. (Or maybe it's me who doesn't know what exactly SUP owns, because I hardly ever present in Cyrillic segment).

I, however, found this piece of news in Russian source It's in English, and it's about Brad leaving and some hints on general situation at 6A

I do not, however, planning to leave. I stated my reasons after the May crisis and they stays the same. It is a place I've built for myself, and I am not only here for fandom large or small, but for friends in many completely different areas. And if I pay, it will be not for the sake of 6A, but for my own comfort, because though I lived for years on basic account, I don't see why I have to cause myself inconvenience to jab at 6A, when they will hardly ever notice me...
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I had a craving couple of days ago to read some Henry Kuttner. These cravings are powerful, man! I've never felt this way about food.

Anyway, I checked the library catalogue, and there was only first or ancient editions that are not for circulation. :( Then I checked the online bookstores - just to see if there is and recent editions,and there is one, but I have no idea what's inside. For raiding the usedbook store I don't have much energy. So I hit the Internet - Russian online libraries, and of course, it was there (perfectly legal, as it was published before 1973). Pity, only the translations, but I downloaded the stuff, our it into my Palm and ate it up.

alcoholic inventor Gallagher and the Hogbens family were the heroes of our formative years. I wonder why they are not more popular in their home country? I am happily filled with the madcap humour of Henry Kuttner and planning to go read some of Kuttner and C.L. Moore. And then probably go over Robert Sheckley. But it is so weird - I loved them in Russian, and now it is a pain to find the stories I loved in original (part of the problems is that I just have no idea how things are called in original)...

There are no birthdays in my friends list in June. What's up with that? Happy June (kerfuffle-free) to everyone then! and I will have to find a=other things to make me post.


There were several kerfuffles that I missed and one big LJ suckage that was impossible to miss. I kind of don't have much energy to worry much at the moment, and I am probably way too jaded, but I don't believe in much privacy in the Internet in principle (it would be nice, but I don't cherish hope) and in goodwill of corporations. I am glad they were made to realize the screw-up, and I don't doubt they will screw up again. I am not leaving though. I carved up a good little niche for myself here that not that much about fandom anymore (though I consider myself a marginal member of fandom), but about friends here and there - some I met on LJ, some I found after many years through LJ, and some I brought to LJ. I cannot recreate it anywhere else.
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I feel like I am the most boring person ever - what with not posting and lurking rarely commenting. I can't even claim that I was awfully busy and/or exhausted.

I just worked and slept and read books and didn't find it in myself to write in LJ about it. :) and the longer I don't post...

oh, whatever.

the work is as usual and require a separate post. So does the reading - actually several posts, that I am writing for the last month. The sleep is of no interest to anyone except me.

What's left? the weather, the TV and the news. I spent this April at war with the weather. I was mentally kicking the gloomy sky and seething when watching the forecast and waving my fists at all silly winds.

At this moment I am winning.

What is about TV? I watch more or less regularly Bones and Ugly Betty.

I didn't like Bones when I tried it last year, but this season I caught one episode, and now I am loving it more and more. Nothing much to discuss though about it - I just enjoy watching.

The similar feeling I have watching Ugly Betty - I enjoy watching it, and I love their self-mocking humour, and good acting work, and the way the show can find in every character something to sympathize with, but it's just not a deep discussion material for me. maybe not yet, of course, but so far it is just silly fun.

I tried Heroes - back in autumn, but then I found I am making myself to watch it, and what's the pleasure in it? I do love Hiro (though I like the actor himself much more than the character - based on some bits of information I caught. Anyway, I think I'll give it another try now at the end of season.

Occasionally I watch House - or, to be exact, I watch Hugh Laurie there.

I never managed to get into The Office - I tried, but it is just not my show.

I keep forgetting to watch some shows.

I actually managed to remember watching Drive - I liked some of it, didn't like other parts, wasn't sure the premise was going to work for me in the long run... But what's the point anyway? I probably only need to start watching shows which full first season is assured.

The news consist of the new courses we started taking with my husband: Introduction to Creating Writing. So far the most fun of it is going to the course together and doing exercises. Our first exercise scenes were the best (in our humble opinions :-p -- and judging by the reactions.) Next up - a poem. Cue my misgivings about it. I have no idea how to write poetry in English.

Well, that's pretty much it. Next up: memes
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First of all, A Very Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] ponygirl2000!

in other news is weather looks nice (from inside) - I am sitting at home and thinking whether I should go somewhere or try to do something useful at home.

I slowly re-organizing my computer - again. it is quite annoying to go through all teh programs again, and I cannot even get tham working the same as before (on the old comp). It is amazing jusst how many customized settings I had I cannot remember now!

I have also changed the name of my LJ - it's Fortis imaginatio generat casum now.

it's Latin for "A powerful imagination generates the event" and if you think it is pretentious and not very original - you are right: it is, but it goes well with the username. :)

I am also in need of a new moodtheme, and I think I should make it myself. Except I am too lazy, and it probably won't go beyond plans - as most things. My idea is to make multi-movie/TV - whatever I can find fitting my mood. I still like some moods from the currenet theme - may be I can leave them?

a week ago I did my post in [livejournal.com profile] buffy_love - it is mostly a page-long squee

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Friendster, known for breaking new ground in online social networking and promoting self-expression among peers, fired one of its employees Monday for her personal Web log, or online diary. Joyce Park, a Web developer living in Sunnyvale, Calif., said her managers told her Monday that she stepped over the line with her blog, Troutgirl. They declined to elaborate, except to say that it was CEO Scott Sassa's ultimate decision, Park said.

The best part though is the comments. They diverge in three main direction:

This person should know better than talk about her employer in her blog.

This company should know better than that – it would ruin their publicity, especially since they are promoting self-expression, etc.

They probably just were looking for a pretext to fire this person, since the job she was hired to do was done.

I was trying to make up my own mind on it – and I strangely find all these options bearing some weight. I like the third most, but do we really know what happened there? Anyway, now it seemed to generate much more noise than the management expected.

Also I remember reading somewhere – may be on the same site, that many company encourage blogs of their employees, believing that it gives the company “a human face”. But isn’t it a stretch to think that people wouldn’t talk about their work? Or that they would give their posts to pre-approval to PR department? I mean I understand also that any company want to control the information about itself that goes public. But shouldn’t there be clear rules?


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