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How does it fly? you ask.

It has rocket boots, of course.
they are invisible.

/joys of parenting a preschooler.

P.S. we also hatch firefighters from eggs.

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My son has discovered a new planet while gazing in the sky. It is an orange planet Buk, where animals live.
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We have a toy room in our building complex, there are obviously lots of toys for babies to preschoolers, and at almost any time one can find there kids with parents or nannies. We go there for socializing for D, quiet reading time for me and because it is impossible to get to the swimming pool without passing it and staying there for some time. Shiny toys! Funny babies! Kids to play with!
There are two memorable moments:
1) The Christmas story we came there soon after Christmas. In the toy room there were two sisters a bit older that D – 4 and 6 I think. There were some other kids too, but the sisters took D into their play. They played pretend Christmas. “I'll be Mary, and this will be baby Jesus,” said the Oldest Sister brandishing the corn popper. “And you,” she pointed to Danny, “Will be his daddy!”
“Eh?” I thought, knowing this story well enough to wonder.
“I know!” said D, who didn't understand anything but happy to play with big girls.
“I want to be baby Jesus!” the Youngest complained.
“No.” the Oldest was firm. “This is Baby Jesus, (corn popper in a fire truck), you will be the wise man, and he will be Joseph!”
“Eh!” I thought with relief.
“I know!” said D and continued with the monologue about triangles from “Dora the Explorer”
And they proceeded to play.
The sisters' parents didn't hear all this fun, they were playing with their presents at the sofa nearby.

2) The turtle story a couple of days ago. When we came there was no one in the toy room, and I took out a book, while D picked up a small plastic turtle and showed it to me. We both agreed that it was a very cute turtle; then D moved to something else.
Then adorable twin girls came by, about two and a half years old, with their mother. One of them picked up the turtle and showed it to the mother. Mother jumped and screamed “yucky, yucky, yucky!” and made the girl to throw a turtle away. I was slightly surprised – it was a small turtle, made of regular plastic, very not disgusting to touch and look at. But you know, people have very different reactions to different animals, so whatever.
Another girl with her mother came in, about the same age as the twins. She in time found the plastic turtle and showed it to her mom, and her mom jumped and screamed “yucky, yucky, yucky!” and took the turtle as if it was a poisonous frog and hid in the corner of the room. Then, I felt weird. Was something wrong with me? Was I insensitive? I also will scream and jump if someone gives me a dead rat. Were they both afraid of plastic turtles? Or just trying to teach their daughters that turtles are yucky? Why turtles are yucky?
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D is an awful flirt. When he sees a girl he likes he starts some kind of ritual dance to attract her attention. There are a lot of footwork and arm-waving and such. He is very different when he want to play with a boy.

He gets upset that he cannot go for a walk in my dresses. Sorry, son.

He learned how to calm himself by counting. - I usually count slowly to distract him and stop the tantrum, and he started doing it himself.

He learned how to dress himself. Only occasionally he needs some help from his monkey, or teddy bear, but never from parents!

He learned all letters in Russian Alphabet, though I didn't not specifically teach him - we just have several alphabet books he likes to read.

He started to pick up English with terrifying speed. Soon he will speak better than I do.

he likes to sing, read and play soccer. He doesn't like to draw.
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D insists on wiping my nose himself. (for his own nose, however, he refutes the tissues: only sleeves will do. Or kitchen towels. Or water.)
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When did it happen that half of December has gone away? In my mind it is still the very beginning, but then I look at the calendar, and see that it is well past its middle, and the next week it's Christmas holidays already. We spent most November taking turns in having a cold, and now we seem to be in the clear. As most people in our part of the world we are covered in snow, which means I can hardly get anywhere with Son, but without a car. No stroller can get through these mountains, and no 15-months toddler, either. Right now, Son is jumping and playing in his crib, and I am hoping he'll fall asleep any minute now, so I could go about my business. He just learned to walk on his toes and I am falling in the floor from laughter looking at him.

I look in the window, and I see vast expanses of Mississauga covered in snow. It's nice there. We have a park nearby, and a creek with ducks on it (guess who is a great fan of ducks?), and a community centre with a library, a gym and a swimming pool. Today we bought a baby sled and went for a walk - all three of us; the day was a perfect winter day, and we've had a jolly good time in the snow. Except for Son - he didn't appreciate being in the snow yet. He liked the sled though. Besides humans one can see lots of animals around - we see squrrels, baby raccoons, cardinals, rabbits, and - attention - a snake. In a meter distance from me with a stroller. I froze and waited till it went away, then ran to the Internet to find out that it was a harmless garter snake, and this area doesn't have venomous snakes anyway...

All these nice things nonwithstanding, I miss Toronto. I miss the city-ness, the crowd, the subway, everything I got used to in five years. The differences isn't huge, but it is there, and it feels so strange... Trips to Toronto are now a bug adventure, and it's hard to make myself to go - but if I go, I spend teh whole day there, enjoying the crowds. ;)

ok, Daniel is asleep, gotta run!
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Thank you for all the birthday wishes - One of the best things about LJ is having friends who make my days brighter, and it's never as apparent as on a birthday and after. ;) and yes, I know that the month has passed since, but I started to write this post the next day after birthday.

My attempts to resume regular posting has been many and unsuccessful, so I'll stop thinking about them and start just post whenever I manage. after all, it's not only mine problem nowadays - I see much less posts from some of my friends than I would love too, and some has disappeared completely... ::sniff::

so, here is my life right now: my last post was about me quitting my job. I did my best to leave nice, and it worked out, but then when my former boss found out that I am less belligerent than they want me to, the niceties were to end. and I don't care by now. I have some information about how the case is going, and it makes me wonder whether they intentionally plan to lose, or the lack of professional legal advice (even mine!) is so telling. They do have another Russian lawyer, but I guess what may work in Russian court, doesn't necessarily work in Canadian one. Anyway, I am really happy I am far away from this mess.

I was looking for a job for some time, but it has become clear soon that there is too little demand for my area of expertise in Canada, and though I could find a job as an entry level general office help or customer service, it would not be worth to pay a thousand for daycare and have nothing left beside that. So after some thinking with my husband, we decided I am to try writing full time (or as much time as our child allows). so I am all scared, but writing. I have no idea whether I manage to finish off something of publishable quality, let alone to publish it, but I have to try, and it is the best time to do it. Now I feel sorry I missed most of the last Writercon's publishing events. I am, of course, very excited about the new Writercon the next year, but the possibility of me going there is very remote right now. There is hope, still, but...

I actually am enjoying not working at my old work and not looking for a new job, but I miss my income, and I would wish I had these plans from the very beginning so I could manage my finances in different way and not stress over daycare that much.

My son is almost fourteen months now, and is as delightful as a young toddler can be. He runs around, he climbs everywhere, he speaks his own language with some words in Russian and English, and laughs,and some time he can play by himself for a long time, but another moment he needs only me or his father...

What else? I actually went and voted in Canadian election for the first time. it makes me feel slightly embarrassed that it's been years since I voted in Russian ones, but they feel like too much bother all for nothing. with Canadian ones- I wasn't sure whether to vote, and I wasn't registered, but when I went down in our building they were there. I came and asked what they needed - only driver's licence to prove I live there. I think they would have believe my word that I am a citizen, but I had a passport with me, anyway.

In bigger news we are just back from our road trip to New York. It was a well-awaited and well-planned trip that didn't go as planned - and not in a good way. Baby behaved very well, by the way - in the car and in the hotels, it was the adults who were problematic. in addition to human factor, Canadian dollar chose these very time to drop quite a bit, so paid for everything more that we would have two months before. Oh well. We have discovered something about ourselves, too - if the first time in New York (two years ago) we felt like tourists who love to do all touristy stuff. Now we felt that we didn't have to do it anymore. We haven't been to many places there, but we felt that everything we knew about New York from friends, and books, and media,etc and everything we saw for ourselves shifted into a focus and becoming multidimensional. of course, we don't know it too well - but well enough. My writing is getting confused here. It looks much better in my head.

I think I should post already, otherwise it will be another month...

Here are some penguins that we saw in Boston.
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Apparently there was a More Joy Day last week in LJ-landia, and I missed on the account of us all having a flu. That's some serious joy, man... Anyway, we are all better, and I am even 2 kilos lighter, which is good. Tired though, but, things are working out. I need to make that "state of me" post some day.

So, now for the joy.
the most joy, of course, is the baby: )

The other thing is the new YouTube series I watch. About a game I play - MMOrg World of Warcraft. It's not named there, but those who know, recognize it easily - as well as we recognize ourselves in the characters there. Fun in Dysfunctional. Where is the world collision? in the creator - I am sure you will recognize her - it's The Potential Slayer Vi, or, as she is better known, Felicia Day, who is a gamer herself. ;)

So, welcome to my other world:

The Guild - Episode 1: Wake-Up Call

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Today my baby has noticed his hands, and spent some time watching his hands move. ;)

I do have other things on my mind, beside baby - I watch TV, even movies, occasionally read some non-baby related stuff, and can talk about them, but the baby is way more amusing than all of it put together (except for when he is crying). So I am all set for the writers' strike. (see? I even notice news!)


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