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I guess I also cannot name 10 couples I shipped with passion.

I haven't watched much TV in the past five years, and even the shows I did watch and enjoyed left me lukewarm at best. Maybe it's me, maybe it's them, but here it is. I watched quite a lot of TV in the nineties, but but now I hardly remember enough passion for ten ships...

Anyway, here is my list
1) Buffy/Spike. Right from the beginning of my being a fan of the show (which was a rerun of Intervention already in 2002), I loved them - as a couple and as separate people. I still love them - the fire and need to read fanfiction are gone, but the warmth stays with me. Deep in mind they met again, and live and fight together for years now. ;)
2)Scully/Mulder. Well, the first time I saw them - mid-nineties, back in Russia, in bad pirated copy on some unknown cable channel - I had no idea what I was watching, and who they are, but I shipped them after the first ten minutes. They just belonged together.


I thought that I wouldn't be able to put anything close to them, but I remembered a cute British series I used to enjoy - Dempsey & Makepeace http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088503/ It was a kind of buddy cop series, if I understand the genre: she was a British policewoman, he was an American cop, and sparks were so strong, that actors actually got married (according to IMDB).

I am sure that there was something else, but since I cannot remember anything, I evidently didn't ship very passionately.


Among the ships I dislike I don't have many passionate hatreds either.

I don't like Buffy/Angel after season 2. It's not that I think they were good for each other before, but I like the story. After that the story got boring and annoying, and the insistence that their love is the truest love of all was made me question their sanity. I mean I understand why Buffy clang to her love for Angel. I even can understand Angel's feelings. I don't understand what was romantic about it.

Other Buffyverse couples - I just don't care that much about them. They were, then they weren't - okay, whatever. I like the characters, but don't care much about couple-ness.

AtS - the romantic couples are so screwed over there, that it is impossible to ship for me. Ok, Angel/Darla are great, but it's hard to ship them either - I don't really hope that they resolve their difficulties, silly kids, and live happily ever after.

Fred/Wes is the one that annoy me the most. Not because they were wrong for each (they were wrong), not because they were infuriating on-screen (they were, but too short time), but because they never really got a chance to explore how bad are they for each other. It was all about Wesley's pain: he loved the girl, he lost the girl, but it was never addressed that the girl was different from a shining paragon he loved.

Come to think, Gunn/Gwen and Wes/Virginia were fine, but too short-lived to feel anything about them.
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I've just watched some episodes of AtS - season 5. First time after spring 2004. Took me back in time - almost literally, so weird. I need to watch the rest. You know, I watched Buffy so many times since, and yet I still have unwatched episodes of Angel (from season 3), and I haven't seen seasons 4 and 5 since they aired. I almost afraid to watch them
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Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] jonesiexxx! I tried to send greetings on Sunday via thoughts, but not sure whether they reached you - mostly all my thoughts eventually turn to the baby...

Now, my Top Fives - I am posting what I have now, soon (hopefully) to be completed.

For [livejournal.com profile] swsa: Top 5 Buffy quotes )
For [livejournal.com profile] swsa: Top 5 AtS episodes )

If you feel like suggesting more Top Fives - go ahead. Give me something to post about. ;)
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I wasn't really planning to writing any essay, but as it often happens I was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] molly_may and here it is. It is rather smallish but with pictures!

So, why vampires make the best pets?  )
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The Corpse Bride – we saw it last Friday, and were rather disenchanted about it. I certainly expected to like it much more. The Bride was lovely, and visuals were stunning, the music with songs and without was good, and the dancing skeletons were amazing and very enjoyable, but… It was boring! The story was absent whatsoever, and the fact that I couldn’t care for any of the characters lost the movie for me.

Just like Heaven – rather enjoyable fluff, but utterly forgettable. The end was too happy for my taste (I am surprised, as I usually like happy ends) – too magical or whatever. They seem to put all the best things in the trailer, which is the wrong idea, as it brings higher expectations. Except I didn’t (as opposed to the Corpse Bride), and managed to enjoy the movie and forget it immediately after.

To say nothing about the dog by Connie Willis. I’ve never heard about it before, but somehow through some cross-references I found it, ordered from the library – and was happy for several days reading it. It hit all the right buttons with me- the time-travel, the mystery of time, the making of history, personal choices and general course of events, happy fluff and irony. Kittens and ugly objects of décor to add – all made for very satisfied Avrelia.

I almost didn’t watch TV, and I don’t feel anything about it. What I did watch though – AtS DVD, s1 and 2 – still the for the first time ever. And it feels a lot like filling in the blanks. And seeing it all again, it came to me that they face the same problems over and over again - it is they are running circles – first just running, then running and jumping through the hoops, them running, jumping through the hoops blinded, then all that but carrying 50-pounds stones, then all that, but with the left big toe in each others’ ear… Yes, a disturbing image…


It was crazy and very crazy – conducting the shareholders’ meeting in Russia, while being here. I didn’t sleep that well, and when I did, I dreamed about shareholders’ meetings and raccoons. It is done now, It could have been done better – I could have done it better, but it is done, and now I can focus on other things – not better, but different. I am still worried silly about the thing, but the important thing, it is over. (and on Friday night – after work- I fall asleep on the couch at our friends’ place watching Star Wars.)

Looking forward to the vacation…
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Long time ago [livejournal.com profile] elisi made a post about reasons why Spike stayed in LA and not went to look for Buffy in Europe. I read it, enjoyed, said "I have some thoughts, but I will comment later", and went on to some other stuff.

Here comes later, and my thoughts (random and disjointed) on why Spike stayed in LA (besides obvious meta-reasons) ;)

Also dedicated to Ats5 dvd release. Though I am not going to buy those dvds for a long time to come.

Spike in LA, spoilers for AtS s5 )
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Half of the yesterday we spent cycling and sitting in the park, reading books and looking at geese. Then, of course was the cycling back home, after which I felt not so dead as two weeks ago. Still, cannot go uphill if it is long and/or steep.

I continue reading The Woman in White, and find the evilness of sir Persival Glyde and Count Fosco very boring.

Recently we watched an X-files episode “Arcadia.” It’s season 6, and even though I usually have no idea about names of the episodes and their placement in seasons in X-files, we have s6 DVDs (a present from a friend). Anyway, to the episode: it has a very Jossverse feeling. With the first scene of a nice clean suburban neighbourhood, and I am thinking immediately: “Hell” – after the last season on AtS, and of course I am write, and the episode brings out the demonizing of real life experiences just like it, and Olaf the troll appears (Abraham Benrubi) and I am all Yay! And Mulder and Scully are playing the married couple, and Mulder is horrible at it, and I am Yay! again.

Unrelated to this: I found this article recently, and it was fun to read, but I cannot comment if it is true or not – both the overview of Russian LifeJournal (Russian in the sense of the language it is written in), and the reasons behind suggested common traits. May be one – saying that most of the other lj users have a dozen or two of friends tells me that he’s never seen fandom (any fandom) LJs.

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My husband went to Montreal to play soccer with other student, so I am all alone for the weekend. Or, not alone - with my Internet, and TV, and a crazy BtVS/AtS watching, and (hopefully) writing, and all the books and coffee, and chocolate, and LiveJournal. Although the last day didn’t come as planned, and I only wrote so much, instead of much more. At least I am having fun watching “The fellowship of the Ring” and “Matrix” in hilarious translation.

To the point of my post: My Fred )
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I watched the finale yesterday, and I am still gaping for air, so I decided, instead on thoughts on topic, to post the history of my coming into the Buffyverse.
The Story of me in Buffyverse - no spoilers for the finale )

But I cannot stop without voicing my emotions on finale. Here is it spoilers for AtS 5.22. )

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Now that I post my impressions, I can go and read smart people all over the world.

AtS 5.15 )
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Our stove is broken, and we have to eat cold hot dogs and chocolate. Which is nice for a while, but now I want to cook something normal. ::sighs and goes to make coffee::

In the meanwhile: AtS 5.14 )
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In every generation a Watcher is born.

One man in all the world, a Chosen One, one born with the strength and skill to watch the Slayers...

He alone will stand against the whims of superpowerful girls, the supervillains, the evil boyfriends, and the forces of darkness.

He is the Watcher.

Next season on WB “Andrew, The Watcher of the Slayers”
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I hoped that after I applied for my graduate studies I would feel free and happy. Nope. I feel sad and directionless instead. I blame the fact that I can't change anything anymore (about applications), that my life next year depends now on some other people.

We tried to watch Super Bowl last Sunday - for the commercials. We managed two hours, trying to figure out what is going on on a field and why they call it football. My husband's theory: players have to get the ball somewhere. My theory: it is all about unappropriate touching. Anyway, we got bored after two hours and watched "The Two Towers" instead.

I kept compairing hobbits to Andrew (hair-wise). Which brings me to this: Yeah, I know it’s been almost a week. Anyway, I haven’t read anything this week but couple of reviews, and I wrote my own, and I post it here, and now I will go backwards, may be even commenting.

Read more... )
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I am supposed to be used to severe winters. So what? It doesn't make walking in –20 C plus chilly wind any more exiting. Well, I do think that winter should be with snow and temperatures below zero, I was missing it in Vancouver. Yet you know: wind sucks. Today is it nice enough actually, but yesterday I was telling myself: "Why did I what winter anyway? Was I out of my mind or what?"

Enough about the weather.

I am crazy re-editing my thesis proposal. Arguing with my husband about choice of words. What was I thinking, hoping to finish everything in December? Plus, I almost forgot about application to York University. I do not want there, not really, but it is supposed to be my back up plan. I am so have to send everything next week. Grrrrr...

Okay, about AtS 5.09Read more... )
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It is time to make wishes and to seriously expect them to come true. Sometimes they actually do. So, I've made my list. I posted here those concerned AtS.

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