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I haven’t watched Sleepy hollow since it returned from the winter break, but I know for sure I am not going to ever. It’s just… so annoying when the creators have no idea what they made and why it worked.

I loved the first season of it – everyone did. It had amazing cast, and cheerful insanity that was incredible contagious. I could watch the nonsensical premise because of how much fun the characters had with it and with each other, their relationship felt real even if the problems they faced had demons and apocalyptic battles. Of course, the best was watching incredible chemistry between Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, to see their friendship grow, to see their attitudes colliding and ...sniff. Then there was a great story of Abbie Mills and Jenny Mills, and Orlando Jones being awesome and John Cho who brought creepy and pathetic on a new level…

There was too much man-pain of Ichabod, and his witch wife Katrina had nothing to do, and John Noble, why always great and effective and sudden villain, didn’t make sense as a son of the Cranes. But it was easy to believe that those were minor bugs, easy to fix, easy to forgive in the first season when a show is finding its footing. Except it wasn’t bug, it was a feature. And yes, I know that the original show runners left after season one, but while it might contributed to some drop on writing quality, the main problem was that they just wanted to make a different show – from what we saw and loved. They wanted a show about a Rip Van Winkle and his family, and we wanted a show about Abbie and Jenny Mills fighting the forces of evil and their own problems. But we could settle for the show of Abbie Mills and Crane being cute together, Crane being annoyed with the present, Abbie rolling eyes at him with Jenny and Orlando Jones’s chief showing up every now and then.. Alas! We got the ever-growing list of Ichabod’s relations, and the ever-dwindling role of Abbie Mills in the story. Orlando Jones was wasted in the second season, Katrina was wasted (I think I loved one episode with her – the one with evil painting and Michele Trachtenberg), Jenny just went away for no good reason, Abbie had no storyline of her own… And then everything was supposed to be better in season three, but they still were making a series about Ichabod being cool, not about Abbie. And so she sacrificed her life for him twice in the season. ::facepalm::
ok. I guess I just have to pretend there is season one, and two tiny seasons after that. Like three-four episodes each.

Another thing – the original creators were the same as Fringe once – and my annoyance with Fringe was a similar one: I wanted to watch a show about agent Dunham being awesome and they were making a show about father and son Bishops with Olivia Dunham being a colorful love interest for Peter, a stabilizing agent.

Now I need to watch Penny Dreadful and hope they won’t screw up too much.
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