Jan. 7th, 2016

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One of the highlights of the holiday season that's almost past me (believe me, it's still going!) was me, alone, going to see the new Star Wars. I am not sure what delighted me more – being alone for three hours or the movie itself, but I came back very happy. I have some questions, and not altogether happy with some decisions, but overall - I got what I wanted from it. Interesting new characters, great old characters, some laughs, some tears, and the desire to buy a DVD and watch it again. I am not worry about the next part – what if it is worse?

Instead of spoiler review I'll tell you my first Star wars experience. It happened in 1989 or 1990, when our closest movie theater suddenly started showing it – The New Hope only. I think we might have had some vague notion about the movie, but I am not sure. So yes, I watched it, utterly unspoiled, with my friends, and “walking carpet” became our favorite insult for months. The next time I watched The New Hope on TV. Some channel was showing it for five-ten minutes at a time at the end of their program for teenagers. The program was fun, and watching random pieces of Star Wars after if was fun yet weird experience. I haven't seen the rest of the original trilogy until much later, after I was spoiled for all the Luke's relatives. ;)


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