New Year

Dec. 31st, 2013 11:51 am
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photo from here

Happy Year to all my friends and passers-by! :)

I was bad about posting this year, and I don't see it improving the next one, but I miss good old times on LJ, when most people on friends-list were posing something every week... I know I should start with myself, especially I have lots of news and thoughts and things to write about.

happy New Year! let it be a good one.
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Anyone wants me to talk about anything? I welcome any suggestions. Not sure I could abide by dates set, but maybe it is what I need.

I should be able to talk about some tv, movies, books, history, living in Russia (and USSR), Canada or USA, new house, kids, feminism and stuff.

so go ahead and suggest the posts I should make.
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Officer Wendy Yancey, the only black female cop in the Sleepy Hollow police force, and in fact, the only female cop at all, wasn’t the inspiration for the Fox series’ Lt. Abbie Mills lead (played by Nicole Beharie), but she should be.

from here:

and then she was at NY ComicCon

And Orlando Jones is full of fannish glee himself. ;)

And Icky will stay in the Coat. Every decent series should have The Coat.
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Alan Rickman reading Shkespeare's Sonnet 130 is the gift I want to share with friends. He needs to read more. Maybe, War and Peace? Odyssey? Divine Comedy? I'd buy them all.

I am here, reading and watching with no patience to write myself.

But it's time to write up my thoughts on fannish stuff.

1) I've been reading occasionally recaps of BtVS on Comments where people are wrong still have the power to make me angry and sad... I have a good fandom corner over here, where people have the right kinds of opinion (even when they differ with mine) and much more interesting thoughts.

2) in newer shows. I am still enjoying "Once Upon a Time" - both the show and the discussions here.

3) in very new shows.

Sleepy Hollow is the magical crack, absolutely insane and impossibly delightful. I am very glad they used more the cultural image of Sleepy Hollow, and not the original story itself. Because, honestly? Original Icabode Crane is the most boring character ever, and if he woke up after 250 years, he would have dropped dead from all the new things to absorb. Making new Icabode the Oxford professor and a spy was a stroke of genius.

I am very happy it is given two seasons already. No one cares about Washington Bible and stuff, but I can watch for years Icabode being handsome and snarky, Abbie Mills being altogether awesome, and Jenny being all Sarah Connor.

They already went through evil Greek gypsies and Germans, mystical Indians, and I am fully expecting Rasputin to show up mid-season. He'd fit right in.

3) S.H.I.E.L.D. kind of meh, but still I am going to watch it. At least through sweeps.
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1) Just call me Fox: I've killed a firefly :(

2) I am a wicked stepmother: I've made my stepdaughter to vacuum a half of a house. That's all I managed to make her do. How do they do it in fairytales?

3) D. is obsessed with babies.

4) cool article:

July dreams

Jul. 8th, 2013 07:41 pm
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It's been a while since I had a really weird dream. Or remembered one. So I hasten to tell you all about the dream I had the last night. You see, I dreamed that I met George Washington. That same George Washington, you know whom I am talking about, even if you are not American. Neither he, nor I traveled in time in order to meet. He just... still lives. Very old, very curmudgeon-y, and obsessed with footwear – he still wears his 18-century pair and talks about making shoes a lot.

There was him telling me stories about the Declaration of Independence days, and him being angry at some stuff and other. There was something else that I happily forgot, but still...

Now, I read and studied The Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution back in the day, and I know the general history stuff, but I have zero knowledge about the founders fathers, their personal lives and personalities, and frankly, not much interest. What's up with dreaming about George Washington?
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Another cool Coursera course: Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets

by Susan E. Alcock.

Here is a bit about her:

Lots of fun! I promise!

and for more fun: a new community [profile] 2ceuponatime for those who want to re-watch and discuss Once Upon a Time, one episode a week, starting now.
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and I keep telling myself to write, with various success.

I was away for some time - I finally had an opportunity to go to Russia with D. So, so happy! and so sad, as the next opportunity won't come soon enough. I do feel that my home is here now, but to hug all my family at once is priceless.

more later, I hope.

in the fannish news: Much Ado about Nothing has opened, but the closest is in NY, and I won't go there to watch it. Will have to wait for DVD - I assume they realize how many people would want to pre-order it.

And here is a bit of unpopular fannish opinion: I hate the Kenneth Branagh's version, because I hate Kenneth Branagh in all the roles except for Gilderoy Lockhart. there. I said it.

today meta lover can have fun here:

(click on the picture)

I posted one question:
and one answer:

and I'll try to do more.
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the cicadas! Brood II have arrived after 17 years. wow.


May. 21st, 2013 06:57 pm
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Отчет о нашем путешествии на слет любителей авторской песни в Нью-йоркской глуши:

Чтобы не повторяться для тех, кто читает оба моих журнала.
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Ten years ago I watched the Sunnydale collapsing, Spike going into flames, slayers awakening everywhere, and Buffy smiling through tears.
Read more... )
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Disney + African American girl, whose name starts with “T” = Tiana, the heroine of “The princess and the frog”.

Or, you know, Tamara, from Once Upon a Time.

Since there aren't many other African or African American heroines in Disney fairytales, there is a strong desire to equate Tamara and Tiana. They both start with “T”, after all.
Is that plausible? Well, yes. Of course, we know so little about Tamara by now, that she can be anyone, but knowing that OUaT doesn't really have completely random people, well she must have some connection to some of Disney's properties or public domain stories, if not to Henry's ancestors.

some spoilers for the latest episode of OUaT )
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"She made a mean beef stroganoff"

Is that about a great chef? nope. a cookbook writer? wrong again.

it is the first line from the NYT obituary for Yvonne Brill, an acclaimed rocket scientist and inventor. She died this week, and the age of 88, and many people, including me, who are not that much into rocket science and space engineering, have just learned about her and her work.

She was an awesome woman, and some of her inventions are, apparently the cornerstones of the satellite-making today, but of course, the most "important" thing is, in the opinion of NYT, that she cooked, she followed her husband wherever he worked and raised three kids.

all those things are worthwhile and not that easy, but... she is a damn rocket scientist! write about it!

slightly changed obituary:

on books

Mar. 31st, 2013 10:40 am
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The fresh news of the week is that Amazon bought Goodreads. It's a logical move for both sides, of course, but I am upset as a reader, since I really don't want Amazon to own everything book-related. There have to be good independent hangouts for readers of books. And Goodreads was a good one, even though I never got to be a very active user.

of course, they promise that nothing will change, but...

LibraryThing in the wake of Goodreads news announced that they waiver one year's fee for anyone who joins right now:

so, yes, I joined. just because.

in more reading news, I've finished A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan. It was very enjoyable, and not at all what I expected, based on her previous books. Must think up a proper review.
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BiVS is losing to Firefly on io9's March Madness poll. I love Firefly as much as the next person, but it feels wrong.
Still, I voted.
And when I think about all me favourite Whedon's heroes - they would have voted for BtVS, too.

Don't you ever get tired of fights you know you're going to win?
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Another week, another fun story. Read more... )


Mar. 7th, 2013 09:50 am
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1) people are doing reading Wednesday posts. I - not only don't read enough to justify posting about it every week, I again started to question the purpose of reading. No, not in general, but any particular book, in any particular time. I do read a lot of books - five a day or so. But they are children's books, and while I enjoy reading them, it is a vicarious joy - seeing my son loving the books I used to love as a little girl.

2) I do read a book for my own fun right now. It is "The Natural history of Dragons" by Marie Brennan. First thing that caught my attention after the dragons - Tam River Valley. Still giggling.

3) Found this promotional portraits, and suddenly I am very excited about watching Catching Fire. And it is only out in November...

4) OUaT continues fascinate me without being too emotionally engaging, and I am grateful for it. I am looking forward to whatever comes next. Cora does need some killing. I do enjoy her being some evil and manipulative, but what kind of a future does she have in the narrative?

5) I need to do something important, but for some reason I am terrified of it. Please kick me friendly...
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Watching Once Upon a Time leaves me satisfied with the choices the writers make, but not terribly engaged. Still, I am happy to watch it, and keep getting surprised when I read recaps that are consistently unhappy. No, I know that it's not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am sorry people have to watch and recap something they are so unhappy about.

The episode is a perfect example of my attitude - I watched it, liked it, read several reviews I agreed with, and now that I am trying to write my own thoughts – I don't feel I have anything substantial to add and don't have a burning desire to write down my emotions.

spoilers for the last episode )

In non-OUAT- news,

1) I read blog. They have a BtVS re-watch posts, that I usually don't read, but last week they had FFL one, so of course I had to, and it was ok, and then I read the comments, and... I remembered why I cannot have these discussions anymore. Same old, same old and horrible.

2) something extremely unusual happened: I won a fichu at Smartbitches anniversary extravaganza! Those kind of things never happen to me, but here it is:
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The particular picture on which Sam Weller's eyes were fixed,
as he said this, was a highly-coloured representation of a couple
of human hearts skewered together with an arrow, cooking
before a cheerful fire, while a male and female cannibal in
modern attire, the gentleman being clad in a blue coat and white
trousers, and the lady in a deep red pelisse with a parasol of the
same, were approaching the meal with hungry eyes, up a serpentine
gravel path leading thereunto. A decidedly indelicate young
gentleman, in a pair of wings and nothing else, was depicted as
superintending the cooking; a representation of the spire of the
church in Langham Place, London, appeared in the distance;
and the whole formed a 'valentine,' of which, as a written
inscription in the window testified, there was a large assortment
within, which the shopkeeper pledged himself to dispose of, to his
countrymen generally, at the reduced rate of one-and-sixpence each.
'I've done now,' said Sam, with slight embarrassment; 'I've
been a-writin'.'

'So I see,' replied Mr. Weller. 'Not to any young 'ooman, I
hope, Sammy?'

'Why, it's no use a-sayin' it ain't,' replied Sam; 'it's a walentine.'

'A what!' exclaimed Mr. Weller, apparently horror-stricken
by the word.

'A walentine,' replied Sam.
'Samivel, Samivel,' said Mr. Weller, in reproachful accents, 'I
didn't think you'd ha' done it. Arter the warnin' you've had o'
your father's wicious propensities; arter all I've said to you upon
this here wery subject; arter actiwally seein' and bein' in the
company o' your own mother-in-law, vich I should ha' thought
wos a moral lesson as no man could never ha' forgotten to his
dyin' day! I didn't think you'd ha' done it, Sammy, I didn't
think you'd ha' done it!' These reflections were too much for the
good old man. He raised Sam's tumbler to his lips and drank off
its contents.

and, of course, my first introduction to the celebration:


Pray you, let's have no words of this; but when they
ask you what it means, say you this:

To-morrow is Saint Valentine's day,
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
To be your Valentine.
Then up he rose, and donn'd his clothes,
And dupp'd the chamber-door;
Let in the maid, that out a maid
Never departed more.


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