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It is a public service announcement of sort. I loved the book, and think you will love it, too. It has a strange new world, science, magic, law, bureaucracy, international intrigue, great characters, awesome heroine, pretty sea captain, sailing under sails, weird stuff, lot of women in positions of power and not, swordfight, glowintg moths and many more. And then read the sequel, A Daughter of No Nation, and then, while you waiting for more, the short stories:

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Our garden is pretty, our shovels are tired...

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Jan. 23rd, 2016 02:49 pm
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oh, well.

I like the snowness of today. quiet, clean, not very cold, fluffy.

will turn the music on and shovel

don't have to run anywhere
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One of the highlights of the holiday season that's almost past me (believe me, it's still going!) was me, alone, going to see the new Star Wars. I am not sure what delighted me more – being alone for three hours or the movie itself, but I came back very happy. I have some questions, and not altogether happy with some decisions, but overall - I got what I wanted from it. Interesting new characters, great old characters, some laughs, some tears, and the desire to buy a DVD and watch it again. I am not worry about the next part – what if it is worse?

Instead of spoiler review I'll tell you my first Star wars experience. It happened in 1989 or 1990, when our closest movie theater suddenly started showing it – The New Hope only. I think we might have had some vague notion about the movie, but I am not sure. So yes, I watched it, utterly unspoiled, with my friends, and “walking carpet” became our favorite insult for months. The next time I watched The New Hope on TV. Some channel was showing it for five-ten minutes at a time at the end of their program for teenagers. The program was fun, and watching random pieces of Star Wars after if was fun yet weird experience. I haven't seen the rest of the original trilogy until much later, after I was spoiled for all the Luke's relatives. ;)
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let it be happy for all of you


Dec. 24th, 2015 08:13 pm
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Merry Christmas to all my friends that celebrate tonight!

we are doing nothing. It's very relaxing. ;)
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You know how Star wars are everywhere and on everything these days? I tried to find some t-shirt for myself with cute star wars pictures - nope. Just bejeweled Darth Vader. None for girls, too that I could see. I mean, I probably could find some geek artisan stuff, but that's not the point, right? it's as if somebody doesn't want women to see the new movie...
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I've finished The Golem and The Jinni by Helene Wecker.


And what a pleasure it was! I wanted to read it for some time, and finally I swallowed in three days - rare speed for me now. It started slow, deliberately so, and I enjoyed walking the street of 1899 New York, baking with Chava the Golem, and working in the tinsmith shop, and getting to know all kinds of people... and them following crazy walks of the golem and the ginni and all their talks and arguments... all was good.
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Not sure what I am doing anymore.

Reading now: Golem and Jinni. Very quiet, curious and touching book.

Watching: Going Postal (Well, I watched it already, it's short for miniseries. How two episodes are miniseries?) But it was great fun, and I wished they did more Diskworld movies... Best part - Sir Terry Pratchett had a time part in it, as a postman, and he did a foreword about how much fun he had making this movie.
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1) finished reading "Shepherds Crown", the last ever book by Terry Pratchett. I did feel like reading a will, a bit and was sad and light.

2) watched Going Postal and was delighted. And then cried watching Sir Terry Pratchett doing the introduction and talking about how much fun he had making this movie and playing a tiny part of a postman.

3) on the other hand, I still have a lot of Diskworld books still unread.

4) Can't bring myself to watch Once Upon a Time any more. Dark Swan storyline doesn't interest me at all.

5) reading Emily of New Moon now and loving it so much more than Anne of Green Gables.

6) Sleepy Hollow is okay, but not such a pure delight it used to be in the beginning
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So. I finished Ancillary Mercy (By Ann Leckie) , and it was very good. I mean I feel all warm and fuzzy and want to hug the book and keep it close by always. I guess I want an entire novel full of sentient ships and weird alien being drinking tea (and/or fish sauce), playing board games and being snarky. Intergalactic politics, crazy desperate plans, what makes one a person, all kinds of sentience – possible and not, imperialism and people, and the glorious feeling of infinity of mind – and infinity of mind-boggling stuff.

Not much of a review, just sharing of joy. ;)
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it's getting weirder and weirder to post here on LJ. I read my friends' list everyother day, and comment occasionally, but then I click on “post something new” and freeze. It's not helping that I cannot concentrate when I am at the computer – so many things to do – my mind frazzles. I mean, I don't post in any of my blogs, the only thing I am somewhat active is facebook, which I use as Twitter and Instagram, for snippets and pictures. Without posting in actual Twitter or Instagram.

My time is all taken with kids, and household, and worries about all kinds of stuff. I do read and occasionally watch something, but it always feels that I don't have anything particularly interesting to say.

Daniel is in the third grade now, reads a lot, in Russian and English, plays chess, just started being in a swim team (not a very good swimmer, really). He sweet and kind, and occasionally very anoying. Doing homework is torture for everyone involved, but I think that what most kids are with their homework.

George is 19 months, and he is extemely adorable.

Still, motherhood is the most terrifying occupation ever. I am like a sapper, leading kids through a minefield that never ends.

Best thing watched recently

Ant-Man. It was fun, and I was out with my husband alone first time since George was born. I read all the criticisms, and they are valid, but the movie was fun, it had Paul Rudd in it, and Evangeline Lilly was awesome, and I am easy that way.

Best things read:

Ann Leckie. Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword. Now on pins and needles for the Ancillary Mercy coming out just in time for my birthday.

Reading now:

A Shepherd's Crown. Last book ever by Terry Pratchett /sobs

Also found some cool new Russian writers, among them Alisa Ganieva. Her debut novel was recently translated into English http://www.amazon.com/Mountain-Wall-Alisa-Ganieva/dp/1941920152/, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to you. She is from Dagestan, a small republic in the Causaian mountains, mostly Muslim, mostly traditional, very complicated in its ethnical and lingustic makeup, a place that comes alive in this distopian story.
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I find myself more and more fascinated by Penny Dreadful. Its first season was good, and I enjoyed watching Eva Green and Timothy Dalton chewing scenery, and everything pretty and terrible, but I was not sure whether to return to it. But I am glad I did, because this season feels more satisfying. I guess it is watching Helen MacCrory as the main antagonist, watching sad, nice Brona becoming Lily who is Frankenstein Creature, Galatea and Noble Savage who is outside of conventions of society and gets to question them. Oh, how fascinated I am! Then there is blind Lavinia who talks with Caliban on the topic most sensitive – relationships between creator and her creations – she of course means her waxworks. Then again – Evelyn, her daughters/subjects, her sister Joan, and again, Vanessa...Well, we'll see how it all will work out.

Other tv-watching bits:

Marvel series.

Agent Carter was brilliant, I loved every moment of it, and happy that it will be back. Not sure what to discuss – I never believed it would happen, but it happened, and it was great. More, please. More spy and detective stuff, more friendship and complicated relationships. Less romance (there was a kind of a promise for season 2 about love, which I am firmly against so far).

Agents of SHIELD. It was fun and engaging and unexpected in many ways. Yay! I am still mourning agent Triplett though. Did expect to like Cal as much as I did by the end – I guess, it was all the pleasure to watch Kyle MacLachlan doing his best crazy act. There are things I am not sure about and keep thinking how they work and what they mean, but that would be spoilers.

Daredevil. Still watching (in the middle) it is a but too gloomy and violent to watch all together. Even if there is no supernatural horrors, regular human horrors are even worse. I like it by itself and I like how it fits in the whole Marvel universe, adding “regular human life” layer. Looking forward to Jessica Jones and others.


Still keep with Once Upon a Time, but wasn't happy with the season 4 and seriously considered stopping. In the first part – Frozen storyline itself wasn't bad, it fitted the OuaT story well, and the casting was brilliant – animated characters did become alive for me, and their interactions felt true, but the resolution was... boring. After all that buid-up nothing happened. Snow and baby parts were good, too – I could relate to Snow pretty well. After the break – nothing.

Sleepy Hollow. Another disappointment. They had so much good will after fun ride of the first season, and such a great cast, and they had to idea how to use it. Oh well. I do hope they will do better in seson three.

And that's pretty much it. There was some stuff I was curious about, but no time to watch...

Happy 2015

Dec. 31st, 2014 07:18 pm
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I was in the mood to write more, but time was not on my side - too many things to do, too poor time management skills.

I have a plan, I have a thought, and more thoughts, so lets hope for the next year. Wish you all happy new year, and peace!
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to everyone who celebrates it now!

And we are having a very wet Christmas now. With the rain, rain and some more rain.
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I've been thinking - is it a chess game between two historical periods, a masquerade, or a time traveler missed his stop and trying to distract natives with his brilliant skills and a handsomeness?


Jul. 25th, 2014 07:19 pm
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Baby George is crawling like a happy terminator. Daniel is still excited about soccer.
I have no time. Except for reading. Breastfeeding is great for reading.
Bookses yay!


Jul. 21st, 2014 01:16 pm
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Cycling brings me the pleasure of freedom – I am alone – moving fast – wind swishes – and intense nostalgia for Toronto. I used to cycle in Russia, of course, and I cycle now, but only in Toronto I had this magical feeling of a big city disappearing as soon as I am in the saddle. All those hidden trail where it was always summer (well, try to cycle there in winter!), all the ups and down, vodka in my backpack (cycling was the fastest way to get to LCBO), or trip down to the lake and back...

an illustration: 10 years ago, after cycling all the way down from Eglinton

 photo 20040801-p8010025.jpg

I don't cycle much now, not with the baby, but I enjoy every little moment of it. Alas, yesterday nobody thought to make a picture ;)
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It's not that I don't have time to write anymore, but the time is so fractured and I run around like a headless hen, trying to figure out what to do first.

Strangely enough, the best time now is when I breastfeed my baby (he is five months now! That's how often I post!) because I have a guilt-free time to read that I didn't have for a while.

Of course, my to-read pile still just keeps growing, anyway. There are more and more books I'd love to read, and I still love to re-read old ones.

Last book read – Seanan McGuire “Half-Off Ragnarok”, the last in InCryptid series. I couldn't bring myself to read her acclaimed Mira Grant books – just can't read serious fiction about zombies, so I picked up something else, and loved it. High entertaining value, fun people and monsters. So I went to buy something else – her new novel Indexing is $2.00 on Kindle. Yay!

Now, back to my life. It's fun and busy and interesting with occasional bouts of despair.

For the first time ever I am a homeowner. And I know next to nothing about owning a house here. So I am learning – about painting, plumbing, gardening, masonry, pest control and such. And trying to do all this in between playing with one kid and the other.

There is always something to be done, and never quite enough time to do it. I gave up on the lawn – we mow it, and that's about it. I look how it gets taken over by weeds I didn't even know existed, and smile sadly. Whatever. On the other hand, I bought a blueberry bush and hope beyond hope that it survives my agricultural skills.

Daniel finished 1st grade, did some gymnastics, karate, and chess, not to mention soccer in the fall. He is ok, but not brilliant with any of it – but he reads a lot (English and Russian) and has decent math skills.

George, the baby does what babies do: growing fast and being adorable. Laughs, chews on blankets and tries to crawl.

And the political situation left me in a state of an eternal freak-out.


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